The triad’s plan in Jack Ryan season 4 explained

In Jack Ryan season 4, Jack learns about the Silver Lotus triad’s smuggling operation that goes beyond drugs and threatens the world.

Jack Ryan finds out about the triad’s plan when Domingo Chavez, an undercover CIA operative, comes to him, demanding Operation Pluto be turned on. The assassination of the President of Nigeria involved CIA weaponry, and to make sure that the CIA is not being used for outside interests, Jack had turned off Pluto.

Chavez explains to Jack what this is all about. Apparently, the triads have been using the CIA for a while now to orchestrate their smuggling operations, and these operations are not just limited to drugs.

Using Chavez

Chavez and his black ops team had been working on various missions. One of those saw Chavez embedding himself in Marquez’s Mexican cartel.

As per the given instructions, Chavez fulfilled all of Marquez’s wishes of eliminating any competition. Once he accomplished this job, Chao Fah Sein, the head of operations at Silver Lotus triad, approached Chavez and told him a grave truth.

The triad's plan in Jack Ryan season 4 explained 1
Chavez explains the triad’s plan to Jack Ryan

Chavez’s whole operation was being controlled by the triads. They have someone from Washington in their pockets. With the help of Chavez and his black ops, the triads have been eliminating competition to consolidate Marquez’s cartel as the one standing strong.

All this while Chavez was being manipulated into clearing the path for the triads. He wasn’t working for the best interests of Americans. Thanks to Chao Fah Sein, he knows the reality of the situation.

The triads and cartel’s partnership

According to Chao Fah, Mexico is all about territory. Its infrastructure is fractured. The cartels don’t trust each other. The triads didn’t want any competition, and hence they eliminated most of it and intended to form a partnership with only one strong cartel in the form of Marquez’s cartel.

Having connections with Marquez’s cartel opens the gate to the United States for the triads. They plan to use Marquez’s infrastructure for their own benefit.

The whole partnership is more than just a power grab. The triads want to create an open market. The Burmese triads are one of the most elusive criminal enterprises in the world. They have access to resources far beyond what the CIA has ever seen. With the help of a cartel that has access to the United States, they can move anything, from humans to suicide bombers.

Chavez’s mole in the triads, Chao Fah, is the only asset that Jack Ryan has. Chao Fah can provide hard evidence, and Jack Ryan needs to establish contact with him as soon as he can.

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