The Summer I Turned Pretty summary and ending explained

The Summer I Turned Pretty is a teen romance drama series about a sixteen-year-old girl, Belly Conklin’s blossoming love life involving two brothers. It is streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Belly Conklin, who is on the verge of turning sixteen, hopes to start her love story with Conrad Fisher in the summer. However, she realises that Conrad has changed when she arrives at the beach home where Belly and Conrad’s families spend the summer together.

He is distant and aloof, as well as harsh at times. Belly chooses to move on after a lengthy period of pining for him. When Conrad’s brother, Jeremiah, informs her that he wants more from their connection, things get tricky. Belly has remained in love with Conrad all this time.

Meanwhile, Conrad’s mother, Susannah, has persuaded Belly to attend the debutante ball. It introduces her to the cousin’s Beach society, which she had hitherto avoided. As she meets new people and develops new acquaintances, she learns more about Conrad and Jeremiah’s interactions with others.

Laurel, Belly’s mother, is struggling with her new novel and meets a writer with whom she builds a relationship as Belly is navigating these changes. Belly’s brother Steven falls in love with a wealthy woman named Shayla, but a brief liaison with Belly’s closest friend Taylor gets him into trouble.

Susannah, who has been diagnosed with cancer, strives to make everyone’s last summer ideal, but her deteriorating relationship with her husband threatens to ruin everything. As the day of the debutante ball and the end of the summer approaches, everyone attempts to keep the things they value near to their hearts.

Everything goes wild when Susannah’s secret is uncovered, and Belly learns she’s been focused on the wrong things all along. With both Jeremiah and Conrad fighting for her affections, she must choose between the two before the summer is up.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

The Summer I Turned Pretty ending explained in detail: (Episode 7- Summer love)


Belly gets ready for the Debutante Ball as soon as she wakes up. Susannah, on the other hand, has a surprise awaiting her downstairs in the way of Laurel getting her the very dress she desired.

Meanwhile, Steven confronts Shayla with the shocking truth about poker night. He’s spent the money he’d been saving all summer, and now he can’t afford a tux. Shayla is taken aback and finally offers him money, which he declines. Steven is adamant about not missing the big night, and as a compromise, he offers to wear her father’s old tuxedo.

She’s free to drive herself to the country club, where the ladies are getting ready for the big night. There’s just enough time for Conrad to wish her luck and Jeremiah to sneak in one final kiss on her way out.

Unfortunately, Jeremiah and Belly are kissing outside as Steven returns to Susannah’s. He’s taken aback by their relationship and becomes enraged, yelling at his younger sister. Belly drives away after telling him that she’s doing the right thing and that she may date anybody she wants.

Debutante Ball

Belly and Jeremiah leave the house and get their pictures taken. Belly sits with Nicole after driving up to the Ball and clears things up with her. She expresses regret for what happened to Conrad and acknowledges that he was her first love.

Conrad apologises to the men at the Ball for not hanging around as much this summer. Conrad proposes that they all go out for an overnight fishing expedition to make amends. They agree since the boys are tangled up.

Laurel becomes distraught and goes away, accompanied by her ex-husband John. They discuss Susannah’s declining health, which is having a significant impact on all of them.

The debutante event is in full swing, and the debutants are being introduced to the crowd. Everyone is in awe of the ideal pair as Conrad smiles at the audience. The escort dance follows, followed by the final waltz with the partners but Jeremiah is nowhere to be found.

Conrad, who was also at the event, approaches Belly as she searches for Jeremiah, and the two dance together.

Jeremiah enters the scene, anxious, and wants to talk to Conrad. Jeremiah has discovered that his mother Susannah is suffering from cancer. Conrad tries to avoid the subject, but Jeremiah sees the bigger picture and believes that Conrad was previously aware of their mother’s health.

Jeremiah hits Conrad, startling him, and the two fight during the party. Susannah calls a halt to their brawl and inquires as to why they are fighting. She is taken aback when she learns that her boys are aware of her cancer.


Susannah and her sons return to their house on the beach after the debutante party is over. Conrad and Jeremiah share an emotional heart-to-heart with Susannah, in which they both implore her to get therapy.

Susannah, however, fears she will not heal and refuses to go through the stress and discomfort of therapy. Her sons have tried several times to persuade her to change her decision. Susannah finally accepts and chooses to get treated like her boys wanted.

She tells Laurel about her decision, and the two exchange an emotional hug. Laurel assures Susannah that she will heal and improve.

Conrad and Belly are relaxing on the beach. Conrad apologises to Belly for being a prick to her over the summer. Belly, on the other hand, is forgiving because she now understands he was upset by his mother’s illness.

Conrad explains that he has a lot of things to say to her, but Belly stops him. She claims she does not want to take advantage of him because he is in such a vulnerable position.

Conrad, on the other hand, finally admits his affection for Belly and tells her that he wants her. They exchange a kiss and a smile. As both Belly and Conrad receive their happy endings, Taylor Swift’s ‘This Love’ begins to play in the background.

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