The Royal Treatment (2022) summary and ending explained

In the Netflix film ‘The Royal Treatment’, Izzy is a hairdresser and she is given the task of grooming the groom, Prince Thomas. However, they get closer and finally fall in love.


In the grime of New York City, hairstylist Izzy’s small shop catches fire when the microwave and hairdryer are both switched on by her grandmother at the same time.

Prince Thomas becomes Izzy’s client due to a mix-up in hair salon identities. Izzy taunts rather than reveres the prince, who is otherwise surrounded by yes-people, and the two become friends.

Izzy with her two besties travel to Lavania after Thomas asks Izzy and two of her stylists to do his royal wedding hair.

Thomas has never visited his kingdom’s “bad” or “across the tracks” areas, but is persuaded to do so by his butler, who encourages him to follow Izzy, who wants to get away from the stuffy royal castle.

This supposed slum appears to be a bustling marketplace, with people pushing wheelbarrows and dressed as if ready to break into a traditional folk dance at any minute.

During their night out, sparks ignite between prince and stylist, but reality sets in return at the palace, where a rich, gaudy American couple has pledged their daughter, Lauren, to marry Thomas in what is mostly a financial convenience marriage.

As Thomas and Izzy’s friendship evolves, a problem comes when Lauren’s mother discovers their chemistry and publishes a photograph of them with the headline “ITALIAN TOMATO SEDUCES PRINCE”, prompting the king and queen to fire her.

The Royal Treatment ending explained in detail:

Falling in love

Prince Thomas is unhappy, and he compares his predicament to an arranged marriage, which Izzy is unaware of. Walter proposes that Prince Thomas accompany Izzy into the town. As a consequence, Izzy and Prince Thomas have a wonderful time eating and dancing all night.

As they become closer, Izzy discloses that she is a hairdresser because her mother requires it, and Prince Thomas reveals that his mother died when he was seven years old.

During the wedding rehearsal, Prince Thomas is unable to take his gaze away from Izzy, indicating that the night has left its impact on him. Even when his future wife, Lauren, talks about her business idea for ‘Purses for Dogs’, Prince Thomas’s attention is drawn to Izzy.


Following the publication of an article in the local newspaper implying that Prince Thomas is having an affair with Izzy, Prince Thomas’s parents pressure Walter to fire Izzy. He shouldn’t be too concerned, since Lauren tells her mother, Ruth LaMott, that she wouldn’t mind if the wedding didn’t take place.

Following Izzy’s departure, a dejected Prince Thomas appears to decide to proceed with the wedding, as Lola and Destiny continue to work on the hair and make-up.

A happy ending

When Walter is alone with Prince Thomas, and his own personal heartbreak is still hurting him, he advises him not to marry Lauren and instead pursue Izzy. Prince Thomas informs Lauren shortly after that he does not wish to marry her. After her hair business is burned down in New York, Izzy takes over as director of the community center.

They kiss as Prince Thomas rides up on a horse and tells that the wedding has been cancelled. Prince Thomas gives Izzy a ride on his horse towards the end of the film.

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