The Rhaenyra-Daemon scandal explained

Daemon’s return changed the dynamic at King’s Landing. As a more mature person, he got along well with his niece Rhaenyra. A trip through the city together saw the couple coming closer, and a word of mouth about them left King Viserys in shock.

After abandoning her tour of selecting a perfect partner, Rhaenyra returned to King’s Landing and saw her uncle Daemon returning as well. Rhaenyra met a more mature Daemon this time and they both got along well.

Daemon noticed the necklace he gave his niece years ago. They both engaged in a conversation about marriages. Dameon sees marriage only as a political arrangement. Rhaenyra had her own arguments on why she is not interested in marriage.

Rhaenyra and Daemon go for an adventure through the city

At night, Daemon sent Rhaenyra a change of clothes and a map detailing a secret route in the castle. Disguising as a boy, she met a hooded Daemon, who took her to a city celebrating at night.

They witnessed a play mocking the succession in the Targaryen family. During the play, Rhaneyra realized that common folk will never accept a woman ruling the kingdom.

Rhaneyra tried to give it back to them, but Daemon helped her understand that no matter how hard she tries, many of the small folk will continue to believe, as a male, Aegon, Rhaneyra’s younger step-brother should be the heir.

The Rhaenyra-Daemon scandal explained 1
Daemon takes Rhaenyra out for an adventure in the city

As a part of the plan, Daemon next takes her to a brothel. They both remove their disguises. Daemon describes the brothel as a place where people come to take what they want.

Eventually, Daemon and Rhaenyra start making out before the former stops and leaves all of a sudden. Rhaenyra follows him and is noticed by a little boy. When she fails to find Daemon, she returns to King’s landing.

Still aroused by the experience, Rhaenyra lures Ser Criston Cole inside to spend the night with her. Meanwhile, Daemon found himself waking up at Mysaria’s place the next day.

The little boy who saw Rhaenyra following Daemon paid Otto a visit at night. As a messenger of White Worm, he told him what he saw.

Otto tells King Viserys about Rhaenyra and Daemon

Otto thought of telling King Viserys discreetly about what he learned before the council convenes. He briefed how the princess escaped the castle at night and visited the city beyond the Walls of the Keep.

Otto struggled to describe what Rhaenyra was doing with Daemon in a pleasure house, but King commanded him to be clear. In simple words, Otto told the king that they were seen coupling.

The Rhaenyra-Daemon scandal explained 2
Otto informs King Viserys about Rhaenyra and Daemon’s coupling

Initially, Viserys denied these allegations, but Otto further explained that several servants saw Rhaenyra creeping through the gates of King’s Landing late at night.

A disappointed Viserys accused Otto of trying to ruin Rhaenyra’s name to get his blood on the throne.

Alicent questions Rhaenyra about the night with Daemon

Alicent overheard the conversation between the king and Otto. She decided to talk to Rhaneyra herself. Rhaenyra on her side, called this a vile accusation.

After a back and forth, Rhaenyra confessed that she drank with Daemon in several taverns, before Daemon left her alone for a prostitute. She further claimed that Daemon never touched her and swore upon the memory of her mother.

Alicent believed it was foolish of Rhaenyra to put herself in a position where her virtue could come into question.

King Viserys interrogates Daemon

Viserys’ soldiers arrested Daemon and threw him in front of the King. Viserys questioned Daemon whether he defiled his daughter or not. Daemon admitted the charge, and the king went furious. He was worried no lord will marry her.

Daemon asked for Rhaenyra’s hand in marriage. When Daemon had offered his crown, Viserys had promised to give him anything. Now he wants Rhaenyra, despite the fact he is already married.

The Rhaenyra-Daemon scandal explained 3
King Viserys charges Daemon for defiling his daughter

Daemon promised to bring the House of the Dragon to proper glory if Viserys lets Rhaenyra marry him.

King Viserys understood Daemon’s lust. It wasn’t for his daughter, it was for the Iron Throne. Viserys banished Daemon again and commanded him to go back to Vale, to his lawful wife.

Viserys discusses with Rhaenyra

Alicent assured King Viserys that she believes Rhaenyra. Viserys summoned Rhaenyra and without seeking the truth, decided to strip her from all the titles. He announced that she will marry Ser Laenor Velaryon, the son of the Sea Snake.

Viserys stated that truth doesn’t matter, perception does. In order to hold the realm together, he had to make this decision. Rhaenyra’s marriage to Ser Laenor Velaryon will bring two powerful houses together.

The Rhaenyra-Daemon scandal explained 4
Rhaenyra agrees to marry under a condition

Rhaenyra doubted it with Otto as the King’s hand around. She convinced her father, how badly Otto wants his blood to be on the throne, for which he is ready to ruin Rhaenyra’s reputation.

Rhaenyra agreed to marry Ser Laenor Velaryon if Viserys takes care of Otto which led Viserys to remove him from the position of king’s hand.

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