The Pentaverate summary and ending explained

The Pentaverate is a comedy series that follows Ken Scarborough (Mike Myers), a journalist looking to expose a fictional secret society of five individuals that govern the entire world. Myers also plays all the Pentaverate members, except Hobart Clark. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Dr. Hobart Clark (Keegan-Michael Key), a nuclear physicist, is kidnapped by a secret society called The Pentaverate, which has been operating since 1347 by five powerful men.

The four men currently running it are; the head Lord Lordington, former media mogul Bruce Baldwin, a former member of Putin’s oligarchy Mishu Ivanov and Alice Cooper’s former manager, She Gordon.

Their aim is to replace the recently deceased fifth member, Jason Eccleston, with Hobart. Eccleston is known to have built a supercomputer with a human soul known as ‘MENTOR’ for The Pentaverate.

Ken Scarborough, a local Canadian journalist, is on the brink of being fired and is told by his boss to find a hard-hitting story or he’ll be fired.

A junior college at the news organisation, Reilly, suggests the go a Canadian conspiracy convention. There, a conspiracy theorist named Anthony Lansdowne manages to pique their interest by mentioning The Penataverate.

The three make their journey from Canada to the USA to find the headquarters in New York. Meanwhile, The Pentaverate attempt to convince Hobart to join.

Patty Davis, an executive assistant to The Penataverate, manages to pique his interest when she suggests they can all work together to implement a shield that would lower Earth’s temperature, something Hobart was already working on to solve the issue of global warming.

The Meadows are approaching; an event where The Pentaverate meets with world leaders to discuss the issues they are tackling.

The Maester of Dubrovnik (Jennifer Saunders), an investigator for the organisation, is summoned to look into Eccleston’s death.

He concludes that Eccleston was poisoned, as his eyes turned to blue from brown after death.

As Hobart finally cracks cold fusion, he and Patty sleep together. When she wakes up, she finds that Hobart has been murdered as well, and has the same blue eyes.

The Pentaverate brings in Skip Cho, a casino mogul, to replace Hobart.

Ken manages to get himself recruited by the Lichtenstein guard of The Pentaverate, but before he can leave, his head finds a conspiracy within.

The Maester of Dubrovnik has been murdered as well and left clues to get the final key, the Parce Clavem, from Dubrovnik which can help in gaining an advantage in decision making.

The five members use their keys to vote, and three votes are considered the majority. However, using the Parce Clavem, the sixth key, two members can reach the majority.

Ken travels using the organisation’s train system known as Musk to go to Dubrovnik but touches the key, meaning only he can use it now.

The Pentaverate kills Higgins and keeps Ken locked. However, a moustached man helps him escape in a helicopter with Reilly.

Just when they are about to leave, the helicopter is controlled by an external individual. They are captured by Bruce Baldwin and Skip Cho, who are revealed to be the bad guys.

Cho was already working with him, and Baldwin recommended his inclusion in the society. The latter also killed Eccelston and Hobart.

Baldwin felt that the invention of MENTOR would help solve the problem of the internet, but humanity has failed. He now wants to sell MENTOR for his own profit. It is also revealed that he was forced to become a member of The Pentaverate.

Patty manages to use her intellect to reboot MENTOR to allow the replacement of the human should inside it, which is currently a jerk. Lordington always wanted to replace it with a nice human soul.

Reilly reveals that she has been working for The Pentaverate all along and it was her mission to bring Ken to the secret society.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

The Pentaverate ending explained in detail: (Episode 6)

Reilly’s real mission

Reilly was part of the Fimbra Manus, which does good for the world. It comes under The Pentaverate, and she was disappointed to see a bunch of white mean heading everything.

Lordington assigned her the mission to find Ken in Canada and make him join the guard.

She intentionallt took him to the conspiracy convention because she knew Anthony would pique his interest. The moustached man also works for him.

However, nobody predicted that Ken would touch the key and now Baldwin and Cho want to use him and the sixth key to approve the decision of selling MENTOR to wealthy individuals during The Meadows.

The moustached man saves both Ken and Reilly, and they make the way to The Meadows.

Saving the world

Ken, Reilly, and the remaining members of The Pentaverate make their way to the event to stop Baldwin.

On the way, Ken gets stuck in an orgie room, with a cameo by Reed Hastings himself to censor the nudity. Anyway, the event begins and Baldwin offers MENTOR to everybody present, but most of them leave.

This starts a bidding war among the remaining, but Skip informs him that Ken has managed to escape. Ken rallies the Lichtenstein guard to stand against Baldwin’s Red Robes army, and they kill all of them.

Everyone shows up to stop Baldwin, even Anthony, who is reprimanded by Baldwin for believing in conspiracies.

Baldwin holds Reilly hostage and urges Ken to use his key and allow them to make the sale, but he throws it away.

Now, with no way to make the sale, Baldwin attempts to use the hostage to escape, but Anthony takes his revenge and jumps on him, with both plummeting below.

All the members of the Pentaverate decide that the organisation has become nefarious and use their keys to end the secret society.

Each of them takes their pills and commits suicide, leaving Patty, Reilly and Ken to take things forward.

The Septaverate?!

It is revealed that Ken was the chosen human soul for MENTOR all along, and that was why Lordington sent Reilly on the mission to recruit him.

Ken takes his place as the new human soul, choosing his newfound destiny.

One year later, a new organisation has formed called ‘The Septaverate’. It uses KENTOR, the machine with Ken’s soul, to make decisions.

Reilly is a member of the new secret society, while Patty is still serving as the assistant. The Septaverate is more inclusive, with members from all kinds of backgrounds.

Patty announces that the shield for preventing global warming, that Hobart was working on, has now been implemented.

The season ends with Bruce Baldwin revealed to be still alive. He used plastic surgery to change his face to that of Rob Lowe, who was kind of a host for The Pentaverate.

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