The Oz Key in Citadel explained

In Citadel, Abby is sent undercover to gather intel on the Oz Key, a device created by Anders Silje. However, when the mission ends and Abby returns to Citadel, the device is nowhere to be found.

When Abby’s past is revealed in Citadel, one of Anders Silje’s creations, the Oz Key, is introduced. Ten years ago, Abby, whose real name is Celeste, became a Tier-One spy, and her first mission as Tier-One was to go undercover to get that creation.

What is the Oz Key?

Mason believes that among the two Silje brothers, Anders is more dangerous, as he is the smart one. Anders has been developing and selling war technologies. One of these technologies is The Oz Key.

The Oz Key is an extremely dangerous technological device. If completed, this device will be able to hack an entire nation’s digital infrastructure, including transit, emergency services, army, and weapons. 

The Oz Key will allow the user to manipulate any system, even nuclear weapons and voting systems. The device can take an entire nation hostage. 

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Celeste does not think that the creation of such a device is possible, but Anders Silje has been working on it, and it might get completed anytime. If it does get completed, Citadel needs to get it to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Who has the Oz Key?

Celeste introduces herself to Anders as Brielle and makes him fall in love with her. She needs to get close to Anders and the Oz Key to gather intel on the device. Anders is still working on the device’s code, as he has not been able to perfect it yet.

Citadel Oz Key
Celeste steals the original Oz Key from Anders’ lab

Finally, Celeste is able to replace the Oz Key with a fake one and steal the original. She puts it in her go bag, but Davik catches her red-handed, and she is forced to fight him. At the same time, Mason sends the ops team to bring Celeste and the Oz Key to Citadel.

When the ops team brings Celeste back, the Oz Key goes missing. Celeste’s go bag is empty, and Davik has also managed to escape. The ops team only finds the fake key.

While Mason blames Celeste and makes everyone suspect her, Carter finds out that Mason knows that Celeste is innocent. He made her look like a traitor and take the fall because he wanted to protect Nadia. 

It was Nadia who gave a cloaked order to the chief of the ops team in secret and against protocol to take the Oz Key from Celeste’s bag. The chief hid the Oz Key and delivered it to Nadia. 

Mason had earlier gotten a secure message from someone that made him believe the same. The message informed him that she, possibly Nadia, took the case. However, it was Celeste who was punished for something that she never did.

It turns out that Nadia did not betray Citadel. She took the key and destroyed it because she did not think anyone could be trusted with that kind of power. By destroying the Oz Key, she prevented the device from being used as a weapon.

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