The mole in The Night Agent explained

In The Night Agent, Peter and Rose try to uncover a conspiracy at the White House that involves a mole working against the interests of the country.

After rescuing Rose from her attackers, Peter safely brings her to the White House, but she is reluctant to tell them anything because she overheard her uncle and aunt talking about a mole at the White House before they were killed.

Peter gains Rose’s trust, and on Farr’s instructions, they suspect Deputy Director of the FBI, Jamie Hawkins, to be the mole. Hawkins had slowed down the investigation into the deaths of Rose’s uncle and aunt and wasn’t sharing much.

Things change when Hawkins ends up dead, leaving Rose and Peter to look elsewhere. They eye everyone and figure out who the mole is after looking into Rose’s uncle and aunt’s secret hard drive and talking to Hawkins’ wife.

The mole at the White House

There are two moles at the White House. The first is Vice President Ashley Redfield, and the second is Diane Farr, the president’s chief of staff.

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Hawkins’ wife tells Peter that Hawkins was working closely on the metro bombings since discovering some discrepancies in the case. The day he was murdered, he was meeting a big name from a company called Turn Lake Industries.

The mole in The Night Agent explained 1
Redfield, Wick, and Farr plan to cover up the metro bombings

Rose does some research of her own and finds out that the person who assassinated her uncle and aunt also has connections to Turn Lake Industries. They look into the CEO of Turn Lake Industries, Gordon Wick, and learn that Wick is good friends with Redfield from the White House.

When Peter reports the connection between Redfield and Wick to Farr, she accidentally talks about Rose being with Peter’s trooper friend. Peter never told her that Rose is with a trooper; he only said she is with a friend, and this meant that Farr is a mole too; she is the one who has been tracking them and sending assassins at them.

Why do Redfield and Farr turn on their country?

Later in the show, it is revealed that Redfield and Wick orchestrated the metro bombings. Redfield calls Farr for help when their mission doesn’t go as planned.

They explain to her that they were targeting Omar Zadar, who was sitting in a store above the metro lines. They targeted a metro full of citizens to make it all look like a terror attack rather than an assassination.

Omar Zadar has been a threat to Wick’s business, and Redfield feared that Zadar will threaten them if he is allowed into their country, owing to his past as a terrorist.

Redfield tried to tell President Travers the same thing, but she didn’t listen, which led him to plot this bombing. Now that the attack has failed, an investigation will be carried out into the bombing, which may put everyone at the White House in jeopardy.

Redfield brought Farr into their circle to cover up the metro bombing. Initially, Farr declines, but when she is told that her dear friend President Michelle Travers’ position will also be questioned apart from hers, she agrees to cover this mess up.

Farr pins the blame on Peter Sutherland, though he is the one who saved everyone that day. The investigation isn’t carried out properly, but no one dares to question it considering that Peter’s father was also once a traitor. Farr continues to keep a watchful eye on Peter by offering him a position at Night Action.

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