The Marked Heart summary and ending explained

The Marked Heart is a Colombian thriller series based on a man seeking revenge for his wife while falling for the woman who has her heart. It is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

After celebrating his wife’s birthday at their family pizzeria, Símon and his wife get into an accident. His wife, Valeria, is abducted by organ traffickers working for Zacarías, a powerful strategist looking for a compatible heart for his wife, Camila, who suffers from cardiomyopathy. 

After alerting the police about his wife’s disappearance, Símon hijacks a car and follows Valeria by tracking her phone but finds it abandoned. 

Meanwhile, tired of chasing her, the traffickers shoot Valeria and take her to a container at a food warehouse. There, the doctor notices that she’s alive but proceeds with the extraction of her heart after injecting her with something that makes her brain dead. Mariachi, the one leading the mission, dumps her body in a lake. 

As per the cop’s instructions, Símon returns home and waits for a ransom call with his family. 

A few days later, he receives a mysterious call that leads him to Valeria’s body.

Meanwhile, Camila’s successful transplant surgery leaves her with a new heart and nightmares of Val’s memories. Driven by curiosity, she tries various methods to unveil the donor’s identity. Worried about his wife, Zac orders his bodyguard, Tierso, to spy on Camila. 

Zacarías is a strategist who advises politicians on how to win the elections.

After crossing paths at a concert where Símon saves Camila’s life, the photographer and chef bond over an exchange of their trade. 

After finding out that Val was pregnant, Símon sets out on his thirst for vengeance with newfound determination. Detective Rentería warns him of the dangers of following the scent of vengeance. 

Camila experiences dejá vu at places Valeria had been to such as the pizzeria and Símon’s house. 

Símon commences on a mission to get revenge by following a trail of clues. He finds Karla, the anonymous caller who provides him with the names of those involved in the incident. He disguises himself as a customer and later, as an unemployed thug, to find his wife’s killers. 

Meanwhile, Símon’s daughter, Samantha falls for Tomàs, a dangerous boy whom she saved from a cocaine overdose.

To help his new client, Braulio Càrdenas, secure the post of the President, Zacarías suggests he get married to build a better public image. Camila’s mother, Greta Volcàn, offers to play the bride.

Sarmiento, Mariachi’s boss and a connoisseur of art, wishes to forge an alliance to have the next President on his side. Sarmiento and Zacarías make a deal that Zacarías will convince the President to back the organ traffickers in political matters and Sarmiento will ensure he wins the polls. 

Zacarías finds his conscience heavy with guilt as he had personally selected Valeria to be murdered for her heart. 

Camila and Zacarías’ marriage slowly crumbles as she gets closer to Símon. Meanwhile, Càrdenas blackmails Greta with her buried past in pornography. 

Camila visits Símon’s house where she meets his kids, Sam and Lucas, and finds out that Val was murdered for her heart. 

By hacking Dr. Carrasco’s computer, Camila confirms her suspicion that she has Val’s heart. 

Karla is one of those that the organization kills in order to leave no witnesses. 

Meanwhile, Sarmiento offers Zacarías dirt on Julia Moncada, Càrdenas’ opponent, in exchange for the Ministry of Foreign Commerce. 

Uncovering the donor’s identity has made Camila unsure of the origin of her feelings for Símon. 

When Zacarías asks Camila about her affair with Símon and her sneaky visit to Dr. Carrascos’ office, she confronts him about her donor’s troubling death. Zac plays dumb and convinces Camila that going to the police could put her in danger. He admits to resorting to organ trafficking purely out of love for her. 

An old homeless woman is in charge of finding potential donors and bringing them to the organisation. 

Garabato barges in and gives Tomás 3 hours to clear his debt, while keeping Sam with him as collateral. Impatient, he tries to rape Sam who ends up shooting Garabato’s accomplice, Rojo, dead. Tomàs returns with the money to find that his grandpa and Sam killed everyone after they tried to rape Sam. Garabata survives and returns to avenge his accomplices.

Sarmiento gets on Braulio’s nerves when he makes an appearance at Braulio and Greta’s wedding.

Símon infiltrates the organisation as Checo, a versatile man on the hunt for a job. Mariachi employs him to replace Rojo. 

Overwhelmed by her emotions, Camila spills everything to Greta who is supportive of Zacarías and advises her to protect him by keeping mum about the whole situation. 

Camila visits Símon to confess to him but instead, she hears about his theories surrounding Valeria’s murder. She faints in the shower after he sees her surgical scar and asks her about it. He takes her to the hospital where she is treated as a suspect by Detective Rentería. Zacarías and Símon confront each other about the murder and the affair. 

Meanwhile, Mariachi’s thugs catch Tomás and make him lure Sam into a trap. They decide to harvest her organs as revenge for killing Rojo. The two youngsters are brought to Sarmiento. Símon, who is present nearby, recognizes Sam.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

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Sam and Tomás’ escape

In the end, Camila decides to give a statement, sparing no details. She tells Detective Rentería everything about the heart that she was given, including Zacarías’ role in the crime. 

Símon saves Tomás from being shot by the organization. Together, they follow Mariachi to save Sam whose organs are to be extracted. Símon finally kills the doctor leading the organ harvesting operations. Detective Bracho shows up just in time to arrest the criminals.

In an unexpected twist, Detective Rentería frees the criminals after killing a police officer and then pretends to have been tricked by them. Mariachi’s men visit the pizzeria in search of Sam. The organization is threatening Detective Rentería by using his family to get him to comply with the organization’s demands. Detective Bracho arrests him after finding out that he was the one who shot the police officer. 

Crime Continues

Camila tells Zacarías that she gave the police her statement about Valeria’s murder. Zacarías feels betrayed by her as she reported him to the police and cheated on him with Símon. He appeals to Sarmiento to get rid of Símon. Zacarías reveals to Greta that he plans on getting out of this by taking advantage of Braulio’s presidency.

Braulio wins the elections. He insults Sarmiento by asking Zacarías to kick him out of the party.

Sarmiento surrenders Mariachi and his team to the police.

Believing Sarmiento to be behind Camila’s death, Zacarías hands him over to the police. 

Camila’s True Feelings

Camila visits Símon to tell him about her confession. They both agree that they do not understand their feelings for each other anymore. Camila talks to Símon’s kids and tells them the truth about their mother’s demise.

Camila fakes her death and leaves the country after claiming a new identity, only informing Símon and his kids. Zacharias receives a new video of Camila from Sarmiento, showing her touring a foreign country.

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