The Heart in Heart of Stone explained

In Heart of Stone, the Heart is an AI technology that is so powerful that it can even predict the future. However, in the wrong hands, the Heart is as dangerous as it is powerful. 

The Charter is a secret agency, and its aim is to maintain world peace. The agency is able to keep itself hidden and carry out its missions successfully because it possesses a quantum computer called the Heart, which is nothing but a myth to others.

The Heart guides the Charter’s spies at every step. It is able to predict what is going to happen next, and it shows the spies all the possible outcomes as well as their chances of success. The spies follow the Heart’s instructions to achieve the best result possible.

The power of the Heart

The Heart is an omnipotent quantum computer that can hack into anything, anywhere, including cell phones, power grids, banks, governments, the military, and more. Hence, it can see and find anything; nothing remains hidden from it. 

Heart of Stone The Heart
The Heart finds out everything about Keya and predicts where she is going next

The Heart is the closest thing mankind has to perfect intelligence. It knows humans better than they know themselves. It has access to millions of data points at once, and its modeling is so accurate that it can predict the future.

Mulvaney calls it knowledge and power, as it can even crash a market, drop planes from the sky, and control nuclear weapons. The Heart gives its owner immense power.  

As seen in the film, with the help of the Heart, Rachel Stone is able to save Parker’s life when she thinks he is in danger of being killed by Mulvaney’s men. When Stone ignores the Heart’s instructions in Lisbon, it leads to disastrous consequences.

A destructive weapon

The Charter is aware that the Heart can become a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands, so they keep their most valuable asset in a locker that stays 85,000 feet up in the sky and cannot be reached without a space shuttle.

The locker’s lining is filled with hydrogen. A single gunshot or a spark of fire can cause a huge blast. Despite everything, Parker and Keya manage to steal the Heart. The Charter’s best asset is then used against them. 

Parker uses the Heart to destroy the Charter. Within minutes, he kills the Clubs team as well as the King of Diamonds and her family. He easily finds the bunker where the Hearts are hiding. Using the Heart, he locks them inside and cuts their oxygen supply.

It is Keya who realizes that Parker is misusing the Heart and disables it. Soon after, Stone kills Parker and returns the Heart to its rightful owners. However, these events allow the Charter to see the Heart’s shortcomings.

The Charter realizes that although the Heart is a powerful tool, at the end of the day, it is just a tool; it is better at whats and not whys, but the whys are just as important for humans. If they only follow its instructions and do not think for themselves, they will never be able to accomplish anything against all odds.

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