The Harvest from Secret Invasion explained

Gravik believes that Harvest will aid them in their goal to take over Earth but Fury is the only one who knows its true location.

The first mention of the Harvest is when G’iah sneaks behind Pagon and gets her first glimpse of Dr. Rosa Dalton and the Super Skrull machine. Dr. Dalton asks Pagon for the samples but he responds in the negative.

He expresses concern over Gravik’s information as they haven’t been able to find the Harvest in any of the locations that Gravik has provided to them. She says that she needs more samples to make sure the machine is effective.

When G’iah looks up Rosa’s name in their system, she finds records of collected DNA samples within their possession including those of Cull Obsidian, Flora Colossus, and a Frost Beast.

The Harvest from Secret Invasion explained 1
Even without the Harvest, Gravik was able to get his hands on some powerful DNA

Fury’s DNA Blackbook

G’iah tells Fury that Gravik’s plan to make Super Skrulls involves getting his hands on the Harvest, and Gravik calls Fury to offer peace in exchange for the samples.

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When Sonya asks him what it is, Fury explains that after the Battle for Earth, he and several Skrulls went back to collect the spilled blood of all the heroes to ensure that it didn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Gravik was one of those who went along with him which is why he is aware of its existence but since Fury rarely trusted anyone and was always cautious, he hid it somewhere only he knew.

He placed it in his own gravestone at a cemetery in Finland because he had a heartwarming attachment to the county after he and Priscilla honeymooned there.

He takes it out to get in close to Gravik but it’s most likely that he doesn’t intend on giving it to him.

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