The foot scene in House of the Dragon explained

Ser Larys Strong continues to aid Alicent in many ways, but over time their relationship has developed to a point where he desires something else, apart from power, in the House of the Dragon.

Though Alicent now has a strong reason why her son, Aegon, is the one succeeding King Viserys, she has found herself at crossroads with her father, Otto Hightower.

Otto wants to finish each and every challenger to the throne, including Rhaenyra and her family, to which Alicent doesn’t agree.

Despite the fact that the members of the Hightower are against her, she has one ally in the form of Ser Larys Strong, who is far more cunning than her father.

What Alicent offers to Ser Larys in exchange for information?

Throughout Ser Otto’s attempts to make sure Aegon ascends the throne, Ser Larys Strong kept a keen eye on him.

He eventually paid Alicent a visit knowing that she doesn’t agree with her father and there are a number of things she should be aware of.

He wondered if Alicent has ever asked herself how it was her father who got to Aegon first when he went missing after King Viserys’ death.

The question intrigued Alicent, but Ser Larys went quiet and waited for her to react. He wanted something in exchange for that information, and Alicent knew what he was looking for.

She sat in front of him and removed her shoes to rest her feet on the table.

The foot scene in House of the Dragon explained 1
Ser Larys stares down Alicent’s feet

Ser Larys gave her foot a glance and disclosed about the White Worm and its web of spies that works silently at the Red Keep. News travels fast through them. Otto knows about them and often seeks their help.

Alicent questions if one of these spies is watching her as well. Ser Larys goes quiet again and Alicent notices that he is asking for more.

She next removes her stockings to put her bare feet on the table. The move urges Ser Larys to open up about Talya, Alicent’s handmaiden, who is part of White Worm’s spiders.

Ser Larys admits that he doesn’t know how many people are involved in this web of spies, but offers to take out the head if Alicent wishes. Thus, ending the purpose of these spies.

For now, Alicent turns away without giving any orders to Larys, who proceeds to please himself by staring at Alicent’s foot as she is facing in the other direction.

The relationship between Alicent and Ser Larys at this point

Ser Larys Strong’s demands from Alicent over here clearly suggest that the former has a fetish for feet. He is aroused by them, and Alicent, during their friendship, has discovered and acknowledged his desires.

Ser Larys Strong definitely seeks power and is aiding Alicent in all the ways possible, but he also wants to satisfy himself. He is aware that Alicent has fewer allies in the kingdom and that she is now quarreling with members of her own house.

While Larys Strong offers her information and his advice, Alicent allows him to fulfill his desires without losing her integrity. Thus, a give-and-take relationship with Larys works for Alicent, who seeks to hold power at the King’s Landing.

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