The Flamekeepers in Silo explained

In the seventh episode of Silo, Juliette learns about a group that revolted against the ones who run the Silo. Gloria calls them the Flamekeepers.

George’s hidden book raises a number of questions about what the ones running the Silo are hiding from the people. To get to the bottom of it, Juliette reaches out to Gloria, who has been held captive against her will and is sedated from time to time. George’s book mentions her name, and she could have some answers.

Juliette’s father, Pete, brings Gloria to the nursery so that Juliette can meet her secretly. Since the people watching Silo are following Juliette, they fail to notice that Gloria is missing. They also lose track of where Juliette is.

Pete gives Gloria an injection to reverse the sedation. Gloria comes back to her senses and reveals the dark secrets of Silo. She tells Juliette about the people who stood up against the ones running the place.

Gloria talks about the Flamekeepers

Gloria starts speaking freely after being shown George’s hidden book. She now trusts Juliette and tells her that she originally gave this book to George’s mother, as she was one of them.

By saying one of them, Gloria means that there was a group in the Silo back in the day called the Flamekeepers. Juliette and the people currently living in the Silo don’t know about this group because the ones running the Silo have erased the memories of the residents.

The Flamekeepers in Silo explained 1
Gloria reveals who the Flamekeepers were

After the rebellion, the people running the Silo put something in the water so that the memories of the residents would fade away. Their goal was to erase the past and the people who are trying to preserve it.

The Flamekeepers are the ones who fought back. They kept books and things that would remind them of their past and their roots.

Measures to eliminate the Flamekeepers

The ones running the Silo did everything in their power to erase the Flamekeepers one by one. They made them believe that they can have babies but took measures to make sure they never conceive.

Gloria figured out this scheme when she failed her second lottery. Gloria had to push her husband away because he wanted kids, and she wanted him to be happy.

Is Juliette a Flamekeeper?

Gloria recognizes Juliette as Hanna Nichols’ daughter. She had heard about Hanna from Anne, George’s mother. Apparently, Anne was helping Hanna with a magnifying device.

Gloria says that she always wondered why the ones running the Silo allowed Hanna to have babies. Although Hanna wasn’t a Flamekeeper, she shared the same curiosity as those who were.

George asked questions, and now Juliette is doing the same. The Flamekeepers will always be there. According to Gloria, Juliette is the last Flamekeeper. Though this is not what Juliette wanted, it’s now up to her to find the truth; she just can’t let the truth die.

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