The Eustace Foundation in GAMERA -Rebirth- explained

In GAMERA -Rebirth-, the Eustace Foundation is a renowned organization that is investigating the kaiju. No one is aware of the Foundation’s dark secrets and its plans to destroy the world.

The Eustace Foundation is a global charity organization that is aligned with the United Nations. The organization is known for developing energy resources. It also invests huge sums of money in developing the Moon, where it even has a base.

While looking for resources under the layer of earth that lies beneath the seabed, the Foundation found a cavern that had the massive corpse of a kaiju. The Foundation has been researching and taking defensive action against the kaiju since then.  

However, this is just a story that the organization has been telling people who do not know the whole truth. The Foundation’s connection with the kaiju goes back a hundred thousand years.

Eustace Foundation’s dark history

100,000 years ago, the Foundation wanted to control the human population. The four board members of the Foundation believed that the world was beyond redemption and needed to be changed. They then formed a purification plan.

This is where the kaiju comes into the picture. When a kaiju eats the chosen one, it ends up devouring everything. The Foundation wished to use the kaiju to kill all human beings on Earth, except the special ones who would be saved. 

The board members fed the chosen children to the kaiju. However, the sacrifice of the children was in vain, as instead of eating everyone, the kaiju lost control. The Foundation’s mission failed because the kaiju ate a child with a minus code. 

Purifying the world

After failing once, the Foundation attempts to purify the world again. In May 1989, the board members find a specimen after 100,000 years and boost its survivability. The specimen grows and wreaks havoc.

The kaiju attack humans and eat children. The Foundation is going to revive Viras and feed the chosen one to it in order to make it eat all the humans other than the ones who will be saved by the Foundation. This will cause the population of the world to decline.

The board members are confident that they will not be betrayed by their employees, as they are all psychologically tested to prevent that. However, it is Emiko who betrays them. Emiko’s aunt is one of the board members, and Emiko tries to kill them all by depriving them of rations.

GAMERA -Rebirth- Eustace Foundation
The board members realize that they have been betrayed

Once Emiko dies, the board members leisurely drink wine on the Moon and wait for Gyaos to defeat Gamera and eat Boco. Eating Boco will lead to Gyaos consuming everyone. Its body will then hit its cell division limit, and the body tissue will disintegrate.

The whole purification process will take 40 days. After that is done, the Foundation will plan the regeneration. They will create the world that they want. However, Gamera defeats Gyaos and ruins their plans. Gamera then destroys the Foundation’s Moon Base and kills the board members.

In the end, it is not the people on Earth who die but the board members who wanted to kill human beings to purify the world. Furthermore, the Eustace Foundation is investigated by the UN.

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