The Club season 2 summary and ending explained

In The Club season 2, Club Istanbul faces a threat in the form of Fikret Kayalı, a contractor who has eyes on the club. The second season is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Raşel is raising her daughter, Rânâ, on her own. They are both lonely, and Raşel often opts to steal from others. She regularly sends Rânâ’s father, İsmet, letters, hoping one day he will reply. The only happy place Rânâ knows of is the club, where Matilda now keeps herself busy.

However, the club is also facing troubles. Çelebi intended to buy the place once Orhan’s absence is officially declared. He has been saving money for it and gave it to a loan shark named Faruk Cider, who has now been murdered, and all the money he had is stolen.

Fikret Kayalı, a popular contractor who has been buying up a lot of land and throwing people out of their houses, is responsible for Faruk’s murder. Nobody knows he is behind it.

Fikret has his eyes set on the club, and he is willing to go to great lengths to buy it. By getting rid of Faruk, Fikret made sure that Çelebi would need a wealthy partner like him to save the club, but Çelebi isn’t willing to bend to someone who has thrown people out of their houses.

To save the club, everyone there comes together and contributes. A happy Çelebi makes everyone a partner, depending on how much they have contributed.

To bring Çelebi back to him, Fikret forms a connection with Keriman and instructs her to plant drugs in Çelebi’s room and call the cops. Keriman does as told, but she plants drugs in Selim’s room.

Selim is Keriman’s competition, and he has been despising and insulting her all the time. Only Raşel knows that Keriman is the one who planted drugs in Selim’s room, but since Keriman is a good friend of hers, Raşel keeps quiet.

Selim is arrested, and the only way to stop this scandal from reaching everyone through newspapers is to have connections. Çelebi is forced to take Fikret’s help.

Fikret assures Çelebi that the newspapers won’t print this news, and he will also get Selim out of prison. In exchange, he asks to be made a secret partner at the club.

Selim gets out, but he is pretty sure that Keriman is behind his arrest. Selim’s return threatens Keriman’s chance of ever becoming a headliner. On top of that, she will have to face his insults every day.

Hence, when Keriman sees a fault in the mechanism that Selim is going to use for his performance, she meddles with it, resulting in Selim’s death.

Amidst all of this, İsmet returns when he learns that his father might adopt Rânâ. İsmet plans to stay only until the official documents of Rânâ are made.

However, the moment he saw Rânâ, he felt something. İsmet couldn’t leave his daughter behind again. So he decided to stay. Raşel herself makes efforts to keep İsmet happy, but she fails to form that good of a connection with him.

Raşel changing her name to Aysel for İsmet hurts Matilda, who leaves Raşel’s house immediately. A lonely Raşel finds a friend in Keriman, who lets Raşel know a secret. She tells Raşel that Fikret is now a partner at the club.

When even Matilda, who initially rejected İsmet, accepts him but not her own daughter, Raşel, Raşel feels cornered. Everyone at the club is happy except her. A confused Raşel then shouts out loud that Fikret is a partner at the club.

The news disappoints most of the staff at the club. They all leave one by one and leave Çelebi and a few of his loyal workers on their own. It turns out that Fikret has a secret too. He is buying the club unbeknownst to his abusive father, who is investigating where his money is going.

Matilda visits Fikret’s father after learning from Keriman that Fikret fears him. Matilda recognizes Fikret’s father, Kürşat, as the person who ruined her family. Now, the father and son are running her club’s family. This truth brings Matilda and Raşel together.

Keriman sets her eyes on İsmet, and the two soon sleep together. Raşel, on the other hand, discovers a piece of Keriman’s clothing on Rânâ’s doll. Rânâ says she found this backstage. Raşel now suspects that Keriman had a hand in killing Selim.

Raşel manages to bring the former staff of the club back. She also confronts Keriman, who claims that she will take Raşel down with her, considering that she knows Keriman planted drugs in Selim’s room and didn’t report it.

İsmet overhears this conversation and talks to Keriman. Keriman confesses and promises that she will turn herself in on her terms. She also hurt herself and asked to be taken to Raşel.

A drama breaks out at Raşel’s when Rânâ discloses that Keriman kissed İsmet in front of Raşel and Fikret. Later, Kürşat sets his sights on Club Istanbul when it is up for sale.

Since he can’t trust his own son, Kürşat keeps Fikret and Keriman captive. Keriman tells Kürşat everything he needs to know. Kürşat is now determined to crush the club, build a majestic building there, and remind his son of what a coward he is.

Keriman is allowed to walk free at Kürşat’s mansion. She later escapes when she is taken for shopping. She goes to the club, where she is confronted by Raşel, who initially believed that her daughter was speaking nonsense about İsmet and Keriman’s kiss, but not anymore.

The Club season 2 ending explained in detail:

Does Matilda die?

Raşel is angry with Keriman, who was her friend, her confidante, and her sister as well. Raşel wants Keriman to confess the truth. Keriman declines. Matilda hears them arguing and intervenes.

Matilda learns the truth about Selim’s death and decides to hand both Raşel and Keriman to the police. Keriman takes out a gun she has and holds Raşel and Matilda at gunpoint.

Keriman points out how different Raşel and Matilda are and how Raşel is doomed to live under her mother’s shadow. Keriman says she is going to free Raşel from Matilda, and shoots Matilda down.

Keriman is arrested, while Matilda is taken to the hospital. Çelebi has plans to marry Matilda. He wears the ring he has and makes Matilda wear one too on their way. Unfortunately, by the time they reach the hospital, Matilda passes away.

Does Kürşat buy the club?

The staff of Club Istanbul gathers at the club to mourn Matilda’s death. Kürşat shows up to kick them out of his property. Fikret follows in to confront his father. Fikret has made arrangements and framed his father for the deaths of Faruk and a journalist.

Kürşat is arrested, and his reign comes to an end. Fikret now owns the club, but Çelebi and the staff of the club make sure to let him know that he will never be welcomed into their family.

What happens to the club?

Everyone suffers from the grief of losing Matilda, but it’s Raşel who is hit hard. Raşel blames her daughter for being left alone, hits her, and then comes close to killing herself.

However, at the very last moment, she decides to live for her daughter. She shows up at the club when everyone is leaving upon learning that Fikret owns the place now.

Raşel tells everyone they can’t leave and let someone like Fikret win. Raşel also talks to Fikret, reminding him that he can buy anything with his money and own this place, but as long as they are all breathing, he is not welcome at this table.

Raşel just channeled the leadership qualities her mother had when she handled the club. Everyone joins Raşel and sits on the table and Fikret leaves. Rânâ and İsmet arrive too. Rânâ hugs her mother and asks her father to join in. A military coup is declared in İstanbul, and things are about to change again.

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