The Brave Ones ending explained: Does Ntsiki avenge her sister’s death?

The Brave Ones follow a young woman who learns to wield her heavenly powers to avenge her sister’s death and save her people from annihilation. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Ntsiki is trying to restore her life in the village of Ilanga by leaving her old life behind, which saw her juggling between two jobs.

However, her sister Funeka is busy resisting the developers who are evicting residents to make way for a massive casino.

Meanwhile, two ancient bracelets are discovered by casino construction workers. The developer, Luthando, intends to investigate if the bracelets are worth anything and then donate them to the government.

His wife, Ayanda, is afraid that their younger son is suffering from the same illness that killed their elder son.

She learns about the Tree of Life, which is located in Ilanga, from her uncle Ndyebo. She wants the evictions to take place before the Brave One is reincarnated.

At the event in the national museum, where Luthando is donating the bracelets, Ayanda discovers that the bracelets they found are the weapons of the Brave Ones.

Meanwhile, Ntsiki, who’s working as a waitress, steals a bracelet from the event’s host due to her habit of stealing.

Later that night, a few security guards force their way into Ntsiki’s home and demand that she return the bracelet she stole.

Funeka confronts Ntsiki about her promise to not steal again, but before they could return the bracelet, three bikers came and attacked Funeka and Ntsiki.

Ntsiki miraculously awakens from the fatal attack, only to discover that her sister, Funeka, has died.

Ayanda pays a visit to her uncle Ndyebo, who believes that the chaos in Ilanga, the red moon, and the discovery of artifacts prove that the Brave One has returned to save the Tree of Life.

Only the Brave One’s blood can cure her child, therefore Ayanda must deliver the artifacts to him.

Ntiski starts having nightmares about her sister’s death. Her father advises her to consult Nosisa, a healer who can help her with the nightmares.

When Ntsiki pays a visit to Nosisa, she ends up showing her abilities. The healers discover that Ntsiki is the Brave One and decide to train her in ancient ways.

When Ntsiki discovers that Nkosi is missing and that a corrupt councilor, Nkomo, is behind it all, she pursues him and ends up killing him with her powers.

Cebo, Councilor Nkomo’s son, learns that Ntsiki murdered his father. He uses her boyfriend, Siya, to lure Ntsiki into his trap and kidnaps her.

Later that night, Cebo locks Ntsiki and Siya in the van, sets it on fire, and kills them both. Ntsiki goes to the land of the dead where her sister’s spirit encourages her to return and use her powers to save the people of Ilanga.

The Brave Ones ending explained in detail:

Who are Ntsiki’s biological parents?

Ntsiki’s parents visit Nosisa in search of her daughter, and when they reunite, Nosisa informs Ntsiki that they are not her biological parents.

She was found on the street and was raised by them. Nosisa claims that Ntsiki was born from the Tree of Life.

When Ntsiki returns to the land of the living, Ayanda confesses that she is her biological mother.

Ayanda’s mother and sister had told her twenty years ago that her daughter is the Brave One. She would have to die in order to make the world a better place.

In order to save her daughter, Ayanda resisted and killed her mother. But she had to leave her daughter behind when she fled.

She tried to seek her daughter but was unsuccessful until recently when the spirit of her late uncle informed her that her daughter was alive.

Does Ntsiki save the village and her brother?

Ayanda reveals that her mother’s spirit cursed her children when she saved Ntsiki twenty years ago.

Her first son died, and the second will die on his birthday. Ntsiki is the only one who can save him and break her mother’s curse.

After listening to her plea, Ntsiki puts on the ancient bracelets that Ayanda brought with her. She reclaims her full power and gathers the people of Ilanga.

She encourages them to stand against the forces of evil and refuse to let rich businessmen seize their land.

The residents of Ilanga stand united in their resistance to all construction workers and police brigades. Due to political pressure, Luthando is forced to give up his casino development project.

Ntsiki reunites with her mother after saving the village and vows to make the world a better place.

Meanwhile, Ayanda performs a ritual to summon the soul of her deceased mother in the hopes of saving her child.

Her mother’s spirit, however, deceives her and takes possession of her body in order to murder Ayanda and the child.

Ntsiki arrives on time and uses her powers to expel the demon from Ayanda’s body in an attempt to save her brother.

What happens to Ntsiki?

When Ntsiki saves her brother Lindani, Ayanda warns her that Nosisa is the reason she had to give Ntsiki away as a baby. Nosisa wanted to sacrifice Ntsiki and take all of her power for herself.

Meanwhile, Nosisa unearths an ancient artifact, a sacred blade crafted by the first wise one many years ago.

Ntsiki approaches Nosisa in search of answers. When she questions Nosisa about Ayanda’s accusations, Nosisa discloses her true intent.

Ntsiki fights her, but Nosisa’s assistance pierces her with a sacred blade. The season concludes with Ntsiki on the ground, her golden glow fading in her eyes.

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