The Big 4 ending explained: Who is Antonio’s Boss?

‘The Big 4’ is a film about four retired assassins who are pulled back into the world of violence when a police officer comes to unravel the mysteries of their past. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Four assassins, known as “The Big 4”, put an end to an organ trafficking syndicate by rescuing children from an orphanage, where their organs were being illegally extracted.

The four assassins — Topan, Alpha, Jenggo, and Pelor — were raised and trained by Petrus. They are family; they live like siblings and consider Petrus to be their father.

Petrus’ daughter, Dina, is going to be a police officer, and so Petrus wants to retire. He does not want to be a criminal anymore. 

His daughter knows nothing about his work, and he does not want her to find out that her father is a criminal, irrespective of the fact that they only kill bad people.    

On the day of his daughter’s graduation, Petrus is killed in his house. Topan, wearing a cap that belongs to Petrus, goes to meet him and finds him breathing his last breaths. 

Dina arrives there and thinks Topan killed her father. She shoots him, but he escapes. She does not see his face; she just sees the cap that he is wearing.

As Topan is a wanted criminal now and Petrus is dead, the Big 4 decide to leave and move to Bersi Island.

Three years later, Dina navigates her life as a successful cop. To keep herself sane and not think about her father’s unsolved case, she throws herself into her work.

Her boss suggests she take a vacation. She is initially opposed to the idea, but when she finds an old picture of her father with four children in the background, she agrees to go to Bersi Island, the place where the picture was taken.

Hassan, her father’s best friend and her commander, tries to stop her from looking for clues on her own, but she does not listen to him.

She goes to Bersi Island and visits Paranais Villa, where she meets Topan. He recognizes her and refuses to answer her questions about Petrus. Although he denies ever meeting Petrus, she is suspicious and decides to stay there.

Dina is followed by two goons, who come looking for her. Topan beats them up without letting Dina find out about it, but she sees a picture of her father there and forces Topan to tell her the truth.

Still reluctant to reveal the whole truth, Topan takes her to Jenggo, who now calls himself Baba Jenggo. He lives in a hut, where he sells tea, claiming that it would cleanse his followers’ chakra and aura.

Jenggo’s followers force Dina to drink the tea with them, and Jenggo realizes that he accidentally drugged Dina. Pelor also arrives there, and a feral Dina, feeling the effects of the drug, starts beating the three of them.

It is revealed that the man who killed Petrus is Antonio. He was Petrus’ first son, and he was abandoned by Petrus because he was hungry for power. Antonio follows Dina and Topan to Jenggo’s hut. He brings several men with him to kill them. Antonio’s assistant, Alo, blows up the hut.

After a long fight, Dina regains her senses and saves Pelor. The two then save Jenggo and Topan, who almost gets killed by Antonio. It is suggested that someone has asked Antonio to kill the Big 4.

After escaping, Dina tends to Topan’s wounds and sees the gunshot wound on his body in the exact place where she shot her father’s murderer three years ago. She thinks Topan is the murderer and that he is lying to her.

Pelor convinces her to go with him to meet Alpha. He assures her that Alpha would tell her the whole truth. She reluctantly agrees, and they visit Alpha, who is now a performer. She is also an arms dealer.

Alpha tells Dina everything, which makes Dina think of her father as a criminal. However, they are attacked by Antonio’s men once again.

Meanwhile, Topan and Jenggo pay a visit to Bunglon, an old acquaintance. Bunglon reveals that Antonio, who is now the biggest arms dealer in the South Asian region, was also raised by Petrus, just like the Big 4.

They also find out that Anotonio’s real name is Suranto, the name that Petrus uttered in his last moments. Antonio is a very powerful man, and he wants them dead.

They rush out of there to find their siblings, who are embroiled in a fight with Antonio’s new recruit, Vinsen. Dina and the Big 4 somehow manage to escape again, but Pelor is taken by Antonio. He asks Topan to meet him at Paranais Villa the next day if he wants to save Pelor.

That night, Topan tells Dina that even when Petrus was dying, he asked Topan to protect Dina. She was earlier told by Alpha that her father was a good man; he was their savior. This makes her forgive her father.

The Big 4 explained in detail:

Do the Big 4 and Dina save Pelor?

The Big 4 and Dina arm themselves and arrive at Paranais Villa with a bang; they cause a huge explosion and kill Antonio’s men.

Dina fights Vinsen; Topan fights Antonio; Alpha and Jenggo fight Alo. They all successfully take down their adversaries, despite sustaining several injuries, and they manage to save Pelor.

What happens to Dina?

After the fight, Dina was injured and could barely stand without support. Topan sends Pelor to check up on Alpha and Jenggo.

When Topan and Dina are alone, she tries to arrest him. She tells him that in order to follow her duties as a police officer, she has informed the headquarters about everything that has happened. She promises that all of them will be treated fairly.

Topan kisses her when she tries to handcuff him. Taking advantage of her shocked state, he handcuffs her and gives her Petrus’ hat. The Big 4 bid her goodbye and leave before the police arrive.

She checks the hat and finds that Topas left the handcuffs’ key attached to it.  

Who was truly responsible for Petrus’ death?

While fighting Topan, Antonio reveals that he had been working for someone else. It is the same person who ordered him to kill Petrus and then the Big 4. Before he could reveal the name of the person, he gets shot by Dina. He then falls to his death. 

In the end, it is shown that Hassan has also been working with the woman who was Antonio’s boss. He requests her to spare Dina’s life, as he has been living with the guilt of betraying his best friend.

The woman, wearing an eyepatch with a spider on it, reveals her target is Topan. However, her identity is not disclosed in the film.

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