The (Almost) Legends summary and ending explained

Netflix’s The (Almost) Legends follows two estranged stepbrothers who come together to help each other achieve their dreams and get out of their late father’s shadow.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

In the colorful town of Bahía, Colorada lives the charismatic Valentín, who has a passion for music and for cars. In the town, he has a family that consists of his wife Raquel, son Romeo, and mother. However, he also has a secret.

On board the Milagro del Pacífico ferry, he leads the band, playing banda music which also led him to become a legend in his town since his band was featured on a famous TV show. He also has his “B” family on the ferry, in second wife Silvia, and son Preciado.

Back in Bahía, he had another passion, which is cars. He’s both a mechanic and a racer. His dream is to win the Rally de La Bestia, a 30-hour-long race across Sinaloa where speed isn’t as important as it is to be mentally and physically resistant since the rules entail that anything goes as long as it’s amateur.

He wishes to not only be famous for being on TV, but also winning this important race, but he fails to do so. His streak of losses would then continue and soon, Silvia would pass away. Valentín brings Preciado to live with his “A” family where he’s hated by his stepbrother while Raquel also doesn’t care for him.

The bigger loss comes when Valentín himself dies because of an accident, forcing Romeo to leave town to go become a soap opera villain in Mexico City. Preciado is kicked out of home by Raquel but grandmother Connie takes him in and the two start living in Valentín’s workshop.

Preciado has a real talent as a mechanic and accordion player but insists on becoming a banda musician like his father and being famous for it like him. He starts a band but his singing is awful and he lacks talent as a lyricist.

Years pass and Romeo finally returns, telling everyone he’s back to take part in the rally to honor his father’s memory and legacy. He also says that everything is going swimmingly in Mexico City but he’s actually been scammed broke, as well as at a risk of being imprisoned.

He also has a great talent as a singer and songwriter, but instead insists on becoming famous with his telenovela acting aspirations. In need of a car, he takes his mother’s and later totals it. He then eyes the workshop and goes to Don Tasio, a businessman who hated Velentín, to make a deal.

He later withdraws from the deal when he sees his grandmother and Preciado relying on it as their sole abode and means of living. The two stepbrothers gradually grow close and later go to track down their uncle who still has the car that he and Valentín raced in.

The brothers agree to pretend they’re racing together to take the car. However, soon the two come to genuinely support each other. Romeo and Preciado finally take part in the race and even though victory eludes them, the two brothers form a solid bond that also leads them to success.

The (Almost) Legends ending explained in detail:

Do the brothers win the race?

Romeo and Preciado don’t win the race. They agree to take part in Rally de La Bestia, with Romeo behind the wheel and Preciado as the wingman.

They do great until a sandstorm blinds them to the path ahead. Preciado makes a rash decision and gets out of the window to look ahead, and falling down as a result. Romeo gets out of the car and tracks him down.

Marén and her brother also help wake up an unconscious Preciado. The brothers resume the race. Marén and her brother ultimately win the rally while Romeo intentionally steers the car away from the route and stops near the beach.

He is worried more for Preciado’s well-being than winning the race. He then apologizes to his brother for treating him the way he has for all these years, and Preciado forgives him shortly. They then finish the race and come last, and later go on to become almost legends.

What happens to Romeo?

Romeo Abitia gets fed up with the town of Bahía Colorada, and right at his father’s funeral, he packs his stuff up and departs for Mexico City, with dreams of becoming a villain in telenovelas.

However, he gets scammed there and loses a lot of money that he had loaned from a bank. Months without paying anything back, he racks up a lot of interest too, as well as a risk of going to jail if he fails to pay back.

With all those problems, he comes back to Bahía and eyes the Rally de La Bestia to win the prize money and hopefully pay back the debt. He loses the race but wins back a brother.

Together with Preciado, he becomes the leading man of their band, also signing up with a record label. It was not a big time label but the money helped pay back Romeo’s debt. The two also join the band Lágrimas Norteñas and perform with all the vigor and blitz as The (Almost) Legends rolls the credits.

What happens to Preciado?

Preciado is Valentín’s son from Silvia, and when she dies, his father brings him to live with stepmother Raquel and brother Romeo, both of whom don’t like him.

His relationship with Romeo is especially strenuous and over the years they only become more and more estranged. Romeo treats him with hatred and there’s a strong sense of rivalry between the two trying to one-up each other.

Romeo does come around and their relationship’s second innings begins with the two agreeing to take part in the race and defeat the treacherous and fraudster Don Tasio. They don’t end up winning but do win each other’s trust and support.

When Romeo apologizes, Preciado forgives him. Later, the two go on to lead their band and sign a deal with a record label. Following that, they also join the band that their father was a part of when he was alive.

Meanwhile, Preciado also made a name for himself with his talent to tune up cars, and took his family’s workshop to greater heights, eventually making it a business.

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