That’s Amor (2022) ending explained: Do Sofia and Matias end up together?

That’s Amor follows Sofia’s life after a series of unfortunate events forcing her to restart her life as she meets a charming chef from Spain.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

A day before her 30th birthday, Sofia asks her boss for her desired work profile as a graphic designer but ends up getting fired instead. 

After being disappointed at work, she goes home to her boyfriend and finds him sleeping with another girl. She gets furious and falls down the stairs while storming off. She gets a fracture.

Due to her injury, she decides to stay at her mother’s place for a few days. Her mother enrols them in a couple’s cooking class.

In her first class, she meets the cook’s nephew from Spain, Matias. He teaches Sofia the wonders of cooking and they form a friendship. They help each other adapt to their cultures.

Sofia’s mother tells her she is feeling sick and she might have to go alone to the second cooking class. The cook partners Sofia up with Matias. Matias’ Cousin notices their chemistry and pushes them to see each other more. 

Sofia’s ex-boyfriend, Richard, visits her mother’s place and asks her to forgive him. Her best friend tells her to start making her own life decisions. 

Inspired by the pep talk, Sofia asks Matias to go out with her where they discuss their lives, culture and future. They eventually hook up. 

The next day, Richard follows Sofia to the cooking class and Matias’ girlfriend, Irina, also comes to meet him. Sofia realises her complex relationship with Matias and admits she doesn’t want to be the other woman in Irina’s life. 

Sofia starts reclaiming her life and looks for a postgraduate programme outside the USA. She discovers the reality behind her mother’s liking for Matias. Her mother tells her about a similar lover she had when she was young.  

In her last cooking class, Sofia finds out Matias has preponed his flight back to Spain.

That’s Amor ending explained in detail:

What happens with Richard?

After cheating on Sofia, Richard asks her to forgive him and gifts her a necklace. Sofia realises how terrible her entire relationship was as he didn’t even know she does not wear necklaces. 

Richard follows Sofia to her cooking class where he finds out about her and Matias. He taunts Matias about his presumably strategic plan to hook up with a girl during his brief stay in America. 

Later, Sofia gives the necklace back to Richard and ends any hope he had of her coming back. 

Does Matias stay with Irina?

Irina surprises Matias in America in front of the entire cooking class. Sofia tells Matias she does not want to be a second woman in anyone’s life. Matias tries to explain to her that Irina probably visited him to seek attention but fails. 

Later, Matias’ cousin, Viviana tells Sofia that they broke up as Matias realised he was done being her “puppy dog”. 

Matias tells Viviana that his relationship with Sofia helped him come to the realisation. Sofia feels moved after knowing the impact she had on him.

Do Sofia and Matias end up together?

After breaking up with Irina, Matias prepones his flight for his new job in Spain. 

Sofia chases him to the airport to say her final goodbye. She finds him at the right moment and tells him about her plan to move to Madrid for her postgraduate degree. Matias leaves his flight to celebrate with Sofia. 

Later, both of them celebrate Noche de San Juan with their families. Sofia surprises her mother with her ex-lover, Henry. With everyone around them happy, the couple discusses their happily ever after. 

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