Tessie Myerson: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel character exlplained

Tessie Myerson, formerly Tess Dooley, is Susie Myerson’s sister in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The character is played by Emily Bergl.

Tessie or is a character that is introduced all that way back in season 2 and since then, has made a handful of appearances usually involving some trouble with Susie.

When Midge and Susie first plan on touring, Susie visits her family to convince them to sell their grandmother’s land and split the money so that she can finance her business with her share.

While she isn’t able to change their minds, Tessie does give her the keys to their mother’s car so that they can at least drive across the country.

The next time she makes an appearance is to let Susie know that their mother isn’t doing too well and needs to be moved to a nursing home. She passes away soon after, leaving Susie and Tessie the house in her will.

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They burn it down for the insurance money so that Susie can replace Midge’s earnings that she used to pay off her gambling debts. However, they run into some trouble with the insurance agent until Tessie sleeps with him to get them their insurance check.

A life-changing juncture

In season 5, Tess is on the phone with Susie talking about her dreams of being a singer and begging Susie to book her a gig somewhere. She also happens to mention that her husband passed away a week ago but is completely unaffected by it.

Tessie Myerson: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel character exlplained 1
Tessie Myerson becomes somewhat famous thanks to Susie

Susie gets to work immediately and Tess gets a lead singing role in Frank and Nicky’s industrial musical. In the future, Tess is revealed to be a mildly successful performer living in Indonesia at Susie’s Testi-roastial dinner, although she is still a complete mess.

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