Talos’s death in Secret Invasion explained

Talos meets his demise in Marvel’s Secret Invasion and the former Skrull General’s death affects Fury significantly.

Talos works with Fury to foil Gravik’s plans but he is ultimately killed by Gravik himself as a major blow to Fury. Talos had been secretly working with G’iah to get leads on Gravik’s plans but her cover is ultimately blown.

Even though she agreed to help him, G’iah doesn’t share the same opinion as her father regarding the future of her people and calls him a failure as a leader.

After Fury learns that Rhodey is a Skrull, he tricks the Colonel into drinking in a liquid tracker and he and Talos follow him to an airfield where President Ritson is landing.

A martyr to his people

Gravik’s plan is revealed when he drops down with a squad of warriors on the President’s convoy disguised as Russians. They intend on orchestrating an international incident that would most certainly start World War III.

However, Fury and Talos arrive just in time to throw a wrench in their plans. The Skrulls’ plan was to kill the President but Fury and Talos protect Ritson while reinforcements arrive to help.

Gravik thinks on his feet and orders his men to shoot Talos who is busy trying to break down the door to Ritson’s vehicle and get him out. Talos is shot and slowly begins to transform back to his true self when one of their own men notices this.

They threaten to shoot him before Fury insists that Talos is on their side. They get Ritson out and Fury takes him to his vehicle as Talos follows with the help of another soldier.

Unfortunately, that soldier turns out to be Gravik in disguise. He stares Fury right in the face before stabbing Talos in the heart and making a statement of his intent.

Talos's death in Secret Invasion explained 1
He dies at the hand of Gravik

Fury does manage to secure Talos’s body and G’iah says she wants to give him an appropriate burial. He sends her out to Priscilla who helps G’iah perform a traditional Skrull funeral for her father.

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