Takaihito’s revelation in My Happy Marriage explained

My Happy Marriage recently introduced to the viewers the enigmatic Imperial Prince Takaihito, who has the divine power of seeing into the future.

Kiyoka Kudo heard about the unsealing of the grave from his superior, General Okaito, and soon, he had to accompany him and Kazushi to meet with the second Imperial Prince, Takaihito.

The prince has the ability of divine revelation, something that runs in the Imperial family. This revelation comes with a lot of warnings and omens for the protagonists and the general public in the story.

The revelation

Takaihito’s revelation entails ominous details about a forthcoming battle and the perils that it will unleash upon the common folk.

General Okaito, Kazushi Tatsuishi, and Kiyoka Kudo meet with the Imperial Prince to learn about his revelation. Takaihito recites the divine revelation he’s had.

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Takaihito revelation My Happy Marriage
Image source: Netflix

He says, “From the realm of the dead, a never-ending night will come. It is a deep and eternal darkness with no end. Be careful. There will be battle.”

The ramifications

As soon as Takaihito is done telling his revelation, Okaito, Kiyoka, and Kazushi are instantly concerned. They know that the revelation points towards the battle that will be the result of Grotesqueries invading the Imperial capital.

Recently, a group of suspicious men unsealed the gravestone at the Grave — a tomb deep into the forbidden forest where all supernatural gift users who turned into Grotesqueries were sealed.

This incident unleashes the shadowy entities that are purely evil into the capital. The Ministry of Imperial Office tried to contain the situation and retrieve as many Grotesqueries but managed to retrieve only 20% of them.

To contend with the rest of them, the Ministry seeks the Special Anti-Grotesquerie Unit’s help. The unit faces off their first bunch of the released Grotesqueries at the site of the unsealed grave.

So they already know that these Grotesqueries pose such a great threat to the citizens and that a large number of them are headed to invade the capital, which makes the battle inevitable.

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