Tahir’s House summary and ending explained

In Tahir’s House, an entrepreneurial family comes together to run a business that’s not exactly legal yet to save their ailing fish shop. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

After losing a job opportunity, Youssef Jumaa Tahir is forced to come back home to run his family’s fish shop. Youssef keeps this news from his wife, Aida.

They have not been living together since Youssef is never apt at one single job. Aida does want to have a family with Youssef, but she wants stability first.

Youssef has been living at his father’s. Though his plan right now is to go back to the family’s fish shop, the shop itself is going out of business.

Youssef’s father, Jumaa, gives the responsibility of the fish shop to Youssef and his sister, Aziza. They both don’t want to run this shop. Aziza, especially, is planning to leave for Korea for further studies, and hence, she wants no part in her family business.

Youssef can’t stand the fish business either. He can’t go back to his own house until he finds a job. Youssef joins his childhood friend, Karim, who is just like his brother, for a photoshoot.

There, they hear from Karim’s fashion designer friend, Leen, about an illegal drug called Habsa, a natural aphrodisiac. Leen tells them about her uncle, who is becoming the president of the Traditional Medicine Agency. Habsa is going to be listed as a drug by her uncle’s firm.

At first, Youssef ridicules this idea, believing Leen is crazy, but when a little internet search tells him that she is not lying about her uncle, he thinks of turning their fish shop into a medicine shop. They will get a permit from Leen’s uncle and sell Habsa at their shop.

Habsa is a high-demand product, and it will help Youssef make a lot of money, but Youssef doesn’t know how to convince his stubborn father, Jumaa, who doesn’t trust his children.

Jumaa now has plans to sell the shop. He almost sells it to Aida’s brother, Faisal. Youssef plans to use Jumaa’s friend, Abu Siraj, to convince Jumaa to give him the reins of the shop.

Abu Siraj ends up giving Jumaa completely different advice. He tells Jumaa to get married again and change his line of work from fish to spices. However, Abu Siraj did tell Jumaa about Habsa, and Jumaa is definitely in for the Habsa business.

Jumaa decides to remarry his ex-wife, Zakiya. On the day of his marriage, he overdoses on Habsa and finds himself in a hospital. Aziza, on the other hand, finds out that someone has been scamming her; she hasn’t gotten a chance to study in Korea.

An eventful day such as this brings the family together. Grandma Lutfia is ready to join Youssef and Jumaa in the Habsa business. Aziza will serve as the financial manager. They will grow the perfect Habsa themselves and then sell it.

The family picks up Habsa’s seeds, barely dodging the cops, and moves to their guesthouse, where they will grow Habsa. The cost of planting Habsa and getting a permit for it keeps increasing, forcing Youssef to seek Faisal’s help.

Problems continue to pile up. Karim almost ruins their business by keeping his distance from Leen, who is attracted to him. Aida is pregnant, but she is not ready to tell Youssef just yet.

Abu Rayan, who has his eyes on the Tahirs’ guesthouse, causes trouble by claiming that the Tahirs are stealing water for their guesthouse. The Tahirs shut his mouth by allowing him to use their guesthouse for his daughter’s wedding, during which Jumaa volunteers to give a musical performance.

The Tahirs manage to move their Habsa to the storehouse of a pharmacy owned by Faisal. At the storehouse, someone catches Faisal and Karim, and the next day, they both go missing.

Tahir’s House ending explained in detail:

Who is Sultan Al-Mallah?

At first, the Tahirs suspect that Faisal and Karim have been caught. Their truck is discovered by the cops. Fortunately, Habsa is not found inside it.

The Tahirs search for Karim and Faisal. The search brings them back to their guesthouse, where Karim and Faisal have brought a client. Sultan Al-Mallah is the owner of Al-Mallah Pharmaceuticals.

An employee at Faisal’s pharmacy overheard Youssef and Faisal talking about the Habsa product the Tahirs have created. He approached Mr. Sultan and told him about it.

Sultan loves how the Tahirs have packaged the Habsa and are selling it. He is interested in their business. Sultan’s proposal is that the Tahirs can keep a third of what they grow. He will have the rest to distribute.

Sultan and the Tahirs come to a deal under one condition: Sultan must not sell this Habsa until the Tahirs get a permit.

Why do the Tahirs fail to get a permit?

A month passes by. The Tahirs finally get back on their feet. Aida lets Youssef know that they are going to become parents. Just when the family is celebrating, bad news strikes them.

Leena’s uncle has been fired from the Traditional Medicine Agency. Leena is partly responsible for this. She shot a teaser for their Habsa to show it to her uncle. She accidentally uploaded that video online earlier.

The matter was investigated, and her uncle was fired. The Tahirs are forced to discontinue their project. Youssef makes the firm decision to burn all the Habsa they grew.

Though another one of Youssef’s ventures has failed, this time he has managed to win his father’s trust. Jumaa is proud that his son never gave up.

What is Sultan’s new offer?

Time passes. Jumaa and Youssef now agree with each other. Zakiya is pregnant too. Jumaa is counting on Youssef to take care of his child and Zakiya once he is gone.

Jumaa is transferring his store’s ownership to his kids. Unlike before, they can do whatever they want with it. At a time like this, Sultan Al-Mallah visits them. Sultan has a video that Karim has recorded of the Tahirs growing Habsa.

The demand for Habsa has only increased. Sultan wants the product the Tahirs had created. He threatens them with this video but, at the same time, assures them that they are partners.

The Tahirs want to be in the legal business. Therefore, Sultan will take care of the distribution. All the Tahirs have to do is grow Habsa. Sultan gives them their first month’s 200,000 riyals.

It is not revealed whether the Tahirs accept this offer. However, Sultan makes it clear that they can either grow Habsa and earn 200,000 riyals or go to jail if he uploads the video of them growing it.

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