Tadeusz Dubiela: Colors of Evil: Red character explained

In Colors of Evil: Red, Helena’s boyfriend, Tadeusz Dubiela, is revealed to have been involved in Monika’s murder. Andrzej Konopka plays Dubiela.

Dubiela, a forensic expert at the crime scene where Monika’s body is found, is the one who recognizes her. 

He knows Monika because he had an affair with her mother, Helena, and because Monika was friends with his son, Mario. 

What no one suspects is that Dubiela is also involved in Monika’s murder, allowing him to mislead Bilski.

Covering up his son’s crime

Dubiela does not have a good relationship with his son. Dubiela’s wife was terminally ill, and she died over a year ago from an overdose of morphine. 

Mario believes that his father helped his mother take her life. Mario had also discovered that Dubiela was having an affair with Helena.

Despite their differences, when Mario kills Monika, he calls his father for help. As Mario is the only family he has left after losing his wife, Dubiela decides to save him. 

He comes up with a plan to cover up the crime. Dubiela knows that a convict named Adrian Jakubiak had applied for parole and had just been released from prison. 

Dubiela had previously performed the autopsy on the woman Jakubiak was accused of killing. He mutilates Monika’s body in a similar fashion to frame Jakubiak for her murder as well.

Colors of Evil Red Dubiela
Dubiela mutilates Monika’s body

He dumps Monika’s body in the ocean and places her bloodstained t-shirt in the barn at Jakubiak’s house. 

Mario, devastated by his actions, wants to confess to killing Monika, but Dubiela does not allow him to.

Misleading Bilski

Dubiela conducts Monika’s autopsy and tells Bilski that Monika’s injuries are the same as those of Jakubiak’s first victim.

With Dubiela’s help, Mario gets away with Monika’s murder, while an innocent Jakubiak is arrested, leading to Jakubiak taking his own life. 

Dubiela and Helena had ended their affair, but after Monika’s death, Helena starts seeing him again. It is from her that he discovers that Bilski is doubting Jakubiak’s role in the murder.

When Helena informs him that Shipyard is the common link between the two murders, Dubiela tells Bilski about a similar murder case also linked to Shipyard.

Eventually, Bilski discovers that Jakubiak was indeed innocent and the murders were committed by Kazarski, who is also assumed to have murdered Monika.

Just when Dubiela thinks that he has successfully covered up his son’s crime, Mario interrupts his evening with Helena and reveals that Dubiela is hiding something from her. 

He also leaves Monika’s ring, which Monika always wore and the police never found, on his desk for Helena to discover. 

Due to this, Helena realizes that Dubiela and Mario are behind Monika’s murder, which leads to Dubiela holding her captive in his basement. 

He then confesses the whole truth to Helena before taking his own life. Additionally, Mario decides to turn himself in, rendering Dubiela’s efforts to save him futile.

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