Swarm ending explained: Does Dre meet Ni’Jah?

Swarm follows a young woman named Dre, who is obsessed with her favorite singer, Ni’Jah. Dre’s obsession proves to be dangerous when it leads her to commit one crime after another. The series is now streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

In 2016, Dre lives with Marissa, her sister, in Houston. The two girls love Ni’Jah, a famous singer; Ni’Jah’s fans call her Queen Bee and refer to themselves as the Hive. Dre and Marissa even had a fan account dedicated to the superstar, called the Swarm, on Twitter.

Dre is different from other people her age, and she does not fit in with them the way Marissa does. Dre’s love for Ni’Jah is a little too intense. She chooses to buy Ni’Jah’s overly expensive tickets as a birthday present for Marissa, even though she is broke.

When Marissa leaves Dre in charge of their workplace without telling their boss and Dre messes up, an angry and frustrated Marissa tells her that she is going to move in with her boyfriend, Khalid, and that he is taking her to Atlanta for her birthday.

Dre changes herself for the night; she dresses up, goes to the club, and ends up sleeping with a stranger. The next morning she wakes up to find several messages and calls from Marissa, who found out that Khalid was cheating on her and took her own life.

With Marissa dead, Dre loses everything overnight. She is not even allowed to attend Marissa’s funeral by her parents. She goes to meet Khalid and bludgeons him to death for cheating on Marissa and for saying that Ni’Jah is not special.

She then moves to Tennessee in 2017 to hunt down a man named Reggie, who had trolled Ni’Jah online. She is now working as a stripper and goes by the name of Carmen. There, Dre ends up murdering her coworker, Hailey, and her abusive boyfriend.

One day, after Hailey goes missing, Dre is invited to a party by the other strippers, and she agrees to go when she is told that she will be paid for it. On their way back, Dre’s tire bursts, leaving all of them stranded in the middle of the night.

Reggie, who is passing by and owns a workshop, offers to help. They go to his house, where Dre tries to murder him. Reggie attacks her, making the other women think that he is trying to assault her.

To save her, one of them shoots Reggie. As soon as he dies, Dre abandons them there and leaves. Dre then moves to Washington. She continues to murder people who do not like Ni’Jah and speak ill of her online.

She even lies and takes advantage of a man named George to attend a concert where Ni’Jah is to make an appearance. She locks George in the cold storage and goes to meet Ni’Jah backstage. Her first meeting with Ni’Jah is a total disaster, as it begins and ends with Dre biting Ni’Jah.

She moves to Tennessee once again in 2018 to attend a musical festival in order to meet Ni’Jah. She meets a girl named Cricket, who offers her a place to stay. When Dre, who has been sleeping in stolen cars and stealing credit cards, accepts her offer, she is taken to a house full of women.

The women there claim that their lives have been changed for the better by Eva, the woman who leads them. However, it soon becomes clear that while this group, DecaWin, claims to be a women’s empowerment group, it is kind of a cult.

Eva hides Dre’s phone and has counseling sessions with her. In the sessions, she gets Dre, who had introduced herself as Kayla, to admit her real name. Dre also talks about a childhood incident with her grandmother that involved her hurting someone and spilling blood.

The life that Dre lives in her mind is very different from reality. She believes that she is Ni’Jah’s good friend and that Ni’Jah loves her; once she apologizes to her after the music festival for biting her, Ni’Jah will forgive her and they will spend time with each other.

On the day of the music festival, Dre realizes that she almost missed the festival and that Eva told the other women about her past. She tries to leave, but Eva stands in her way to stop her. Dre proceeds to kill Eva and anyone who stands in her way.

Dre does not make it in time, and the festival is already over. Marissa’s father deactivates her number, and her phone, which Dre has been using, stops working. She goes back to Houston, Texas, to threaten Marissa’s parents to let her use the phone.

However, Marissa’s father tries to shoot her and chases her away. Injured and scared, Dre runs away, but she no longer has a phone.

The focus then shifts to Major Loretta Greene, a detective with the Memphis Police Department. While solving the homicide case of a woman named Tiffany Long in Nashville and going through her social media, she is able to find a connection between many of Dre’s victims.

She pays a visit to Marissa’s mother; her father passed away some time ago. Loretta comes to know that Marissa’s parents fostered Dre, whose full name is Andrea Greene. While Marissa was liked by everyone at school, Dre was bullied.

Marissa defended her and stood up for her because the two loved each other, but Marissa’s father did to understand that and believed that Dre could not be helped. At a sleepover at Marissa’s house with other girls from school, Dre ended up stabbing a girl when she asked other girls to jump on Marissa.

Marissa’s father sent Dre back to the state care, but Marissa continued to be in touch with her. She lived with Dre later on and even asked her parents for money to pay the rent when the two girls could not pay it themselves, even though her father was against them living together.

After some time, Loretta gets a call that Dre has been arrested in Atlanta. She has once again changed her name; she is called Tony now. Loretta is certain that Dre is a serial killer who has killed several people other than the ones they know.

Swarm ending explained in detail:

Who is Dre’s girlfriend?

Dre is living in Atlanta in 2018. She meets a girl named Rashida and offers to drop her and her roommate home at night. Although Rashida initially denies the offer, she eventually agrees when they have no other choice. Dre introduces herself as Tony.

Rashida is interested in Dre and asks her to call her, but Dre still does not have a phone. She is still stealing cars and credit cards.

When one of the stolen cars is found by the police, Dre runs into Rashida again. Rashida takes her home, and the two eventually start dating.

Even though Rashida does not know what Dre does, she introduces her to her parents. Rashida’s mother tells Dre that she is one of the very few partners that Rashida has brought home to meet her parents. Dre then starts living with Rashida.

Does Dre kill Rashida?

Dre and Rashida seem to be happy together, but Rashida does not like Ni’Jah. Despite knowing that, Dre gifts her tickets to Ni’Jah’s concert on their anniversary.

This infuriates Rashida, as she has been working two jobs and even has to ask her parents for money to pay their rent, while Dre is selfishly spending thousands of dollars on tickets to a concert that Rashida does not want to attend.

When Rashida is done screaming at Dre and insulting Ni’Jah, Dre chokes Rashida and kills her, confessing her love and stating that she wanted to share Ni’Jah with her. Dre then burns Rashida’s body in a secluded area.

What happens at Ni’Jah’s concert?

After burning Rashida’s body, Dre realizes that the tickets she bought were in Rashida’s pocket. She goes to the concert venue anyway. The tickets are all sold out, but she finds men at the venue who are ready to sell tickets at a higher price.

Dre agrees to buy one and then kills the seller in his car to get the ticket without paying. She finally gets to see Ni’Jah perform. A mesmerized Dre gets on the stage to get close to Ni’Jah. Her bodyguards stop Dre in time and drag her away.

However, Ni’Jah suddenly starts looking like Marissa to Dre. Ni’Jah stops the guards from taking Dre away and asks her to sing as the crowd cheers for her. Dre expresses her love for the audience. In the end, Ni’Jah, who still looks like Marissa, takes Dre with her in her car and hugs her.

As Loretta had earlier received the news of Dre’s arrest, it would be safe to assume that Dre was dragged away by the guards and arrested; the part where Ni’Jah starts resembling Marissa is most likely a figment of Dre’s imagination.

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