Sun Wei-Chen: American Born Chinese character explained

Sun Wei-Chen is the son of the Monkey King who defies his father’s orders and steals his magical staff because of a dream. The character is played by Jimmy Liu.

What initially appears to be a sparring session is actually a way for Sun Wei-Chen to get his hands on his father’s magical staff. According to his dream, he needs the staff to open the mythical fourth scroll containing the sutra of Power.

When he jumps down to the earth, he disguises himself as a high-schooler and joins Jin’s school as an exchange student from China. He realizes quite early that Jin will be his guide to the scroll but takes a while to win over him.

While Jin is a shy child who prefers to go under the radar, Wei-Chen has never had to deal with societal pressure so he doesn’t have a filter and isn’t bothered about how he behaves in front of other people.

Losing sight of what’s important

Wei-Chen is primarily focused on finding the scroll to help his father and the Jade Emperor but Jin doesn’t share that same enthusiasm as he is more focused on high school.

However, once Wei-Chen secures the pendant that is supposed to be a link to the fourth scroll, he pushes Jin away with his actions. The hurt he feels for losing his friend outweighs the joy of finding the pendant and Guanyin helps him figure out what is important.

Sun Wei-Chen: American Born Chinese character explained 1
Sun Wei-Chen and Jin share their triumphant moment together

Wei-Chen falls into a rough spot after he has to flee Niu Mowang and assumes his father is dead but together with Jin they stop the Bull Demon and his plan. He also experiences joy after seeing his father return and gets to say a final goodbye to Jin as well.

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