Suburræterna summary and ending explained

Suburræterna follows Ercole Bonatesta, an ambitious politician, partnering up with the Luciani’s criminal clan to rule Rome, as Spadino returns and changes the game. The series is currently streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Citizens protest on the streets of Rome and authorities feel a war is brewing. The Anacletis are in charge currently but the Lucianis have had enough, as they exact their vengeance upon them that’s been twenty years in the making.

Spadino returns and decides to stay and help his family get back to how they were, get their villas back, and get revenge on the Lucianis.

Cinaglia meets with Spadino and joins hands to weed out Ercole, a young politician with great ambitions who proves to be a problem for both of them.

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Cinaglia wants the stadium contract but his partner at the church, Cardinal Nascari, loses against his rival Tronto, who wins the presidency of the Foundation and gets the funds secure for his partnership with Ercole.

The Lucianis and the Anacletis continue to fight as Cinaglia and Spadino try to get some dirt on Tronto, but Ercole and the Lucianis manage to avert that crisis.

Cinaglia tries a desperate move but Ercole, with the help of Miriana, pits Cinaglia and Spadino against each other.

Meanwhile, he also orders an attack on the Lucianis, backstabbing them while he and Tronto get the contracts to the stadium for themselves.

Suburræterna ending explained in detail:

What is Tronto’s secret?

Tronto had a sister named Flaminia. She was a drug addict and also used to steal because of it. Once, she and her junkie boyfriend stole from the church he used to work at.

Tronto caught them and tried to stop the two, leading to a physical brawl between him and Flaminia’s boyfriend. She tried to intervene and Tronto pushed her away, causing her to fall and hit her head hard enough to die.

Even though it wasn’t premeditated or intended, Tronto bears the guilt of what transpired that day even now. After her death, he buried her beneath the church, inside the basement, and helped her boyfriend get back on his feet and rehabilitate.

Who gets the stadium contract?

Tronto and Ercole get the stadium contract for themselves. They are the ones who plan to change the Foundation presidency at the Vatican, ousting Cinaglia’s partner Fiorenzo as the president.

Tronto takes over the presidency, and immediately shifts the Foundation funds over to the Mater fund, ensuring that the money is now theirs.

With this capital, Ercole wins a seat on the council by showing them he has the funds for the building of the new stadium in Rome. He became the Commissioner Of Construction.

Ercole uses divide and rule to sow seeds of distrust between Alberto and Cinaglia, who had forcefully gotten him to agree on a 50-50 deal on the stadium contract. They were all to come to the notary to sign the contract.

Cinaglia can’t make it because he’s held at gunpoint by Spadino, who’s been manipulated by Cerocchi (bought by Ercole and Miriana) to think that Cinaglia is going to backstab him. Spadino realizes this but it’s too late by then.

Damiano can’t make it because before he heads out for the notary, he and his home are attacked by men sent by Cerocchi, at Ercole’s orders.

What happens to the Lucianis?

The Lucianis get deprived of their share and their hold on the selling in their turf, because all of it is run by Adelaide Anacleti. She’s eventually killed in an attack by Giulia, and Cesare, along with Damiano and Angelica.

Spadino returns and when the Anacletis lose their villas, he decides to stay and fix things, by getting them their villas back and getting revenge on the Lucianis.

The Lucianis manage to give it back to the Anacletis time and again, finally managing to burn even their campy homes. The final episode of Suburræterna sees Cesare getting shot by one of Cerocchi’s men. He’s not dead but critical.

Meanwhile, Damiano can’t trust Angelica completely when it comes to Spadino, and when she learns that he misled her to get her to kill Spadino, she decides she’s had enough and moves away to go live on her own.

The current status of their relationship isn’t revealed before the credits roll on Suburræterna season 1.

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