Sturmhond: Shadow and Bone character explained

Sturmhond plays a pivotal role in Alina’s journey in the sophomore installment of Shadow and Bone, donning different avatars and wielding many capabilities, all of which make for an impressive assortment arsenal in the fight against the Darkling.

Season 2 of Shadow and Bone sees many new additions to the cast of characters that lead the fantastical narrative with their storylines and subplots. One of the most prominent new additions to the cast comes in the form of Sturmhond.

A smooth-talking sailor of legendary status, he comes to play a crucial role in Alina’s fight against the Darkling, while also changing the trajectory of the show’s central romance.

Not a pirate

Sturmhond doesn’t like the tag of pirate everyone so hastily labels him with. He prefers the word “privateer”. A sailor, fighter, leader, charmer, and inventor, among others, Sturmhond commands attention right off the bat.

He captain’s the ship named Volkvolny, rife with sailors and crew members who’re most loyal to their leader while being some of the most competent people around.

Twins Tolya and Tamar are also aboard the Volkvolny, and they’re the first two people from Sturmhond’s crew who meet Alina and Mal and immediately offer them refuge aboard their ship, as the two are on the run and fleeing from the Ravkan army.

A man of many skills

Sturmhond appears to be fierce and competitive in the first scenes he shares with Alina, but he soon turns out to be a man carrying not malice but many skills that come in handy for the sun summoner and her lover.

Sturmhond is a smooth-talker, and his charm doesn’t elude Alina either. As he whips out one-liners and words of wisdom and courage to his crew, he garners not just attention but also respect.

Sturmhond Shadow and Bone
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He is an exceptional inventor, creating everything from projectile weapons to a flying boat capable of navigating the Fold high up in the sky. And while not as tactile, his skills in charming are just as impressive as the other ones.

The bastard prince

Sturmhond is but mythology, an alias adopted by the second prince of Ravka. His real identity is that of prince Nikolai Lantsov, and when he reveals said identity to others, it comes as quite a shock to Alina and Mal.

The reason behind the two identities is Nikolai’s genuine worries and care for his kingdom. Not ready to just sit by idly and get down and dirty to save his people, he takes to the seas, as Sturmhond, which quickly becomes quite a myth in the world of pirates and privateers.

Even though he’s the second son of the late Ravkan king, he’s the only one in his family to truly care about the people, with his elder brother playing pretend and treating the throne as his plaything.

He also confirms to Alina in season 2, the rumors about him being an illegitimate heir. He reveals that he’s actually the bastard son but also that he is relieved of it if anything. All that inbreeding between the royals eluded him and he couldn’t be more thankful.

He later becomes the king but before that, he uses his name to help Alina, offering to her a hand in marriage as a form of political alliance that will benefit both of them. At the end of season 2, Alina and Nikolai are engaged and her relationship with Mal is on a break for the time being.

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