Street Flow 2 summary and ending explained

In Street Flow 2, the Traore brothers are trying to move on with their lives and introduce changes so that they do not fall into the same ruinous paths of the past. The film is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

It’s been two years since Demba fought for his life in the hospital and the Traore brothers are in different stages of their lives. Demba has gotten out of the drug business, although he is still involved in the shady insulation business.

Soulaymaan is finally an attorney, but he’s mostly stuck looking at drafts and other legal documents and barely gets the chance to represent a client in court. Noumouke is back in school, but he is still involved in the ghetto rivalry with the Aviators.

A scuffle in the classroom almost gets him expelled, but Noumouke’s teacher convinces the principal to give him another chance. She gives him an assignment to read Martin Eden by Jack London, and then write down how the book makes him feel at the end.

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Demba employs Franck to be the public face of his company to push along deals and they secure a very hefty construction contract. However, Franck is a bit ambitious and asks for a raise, which angers Demba.

Demba has also been suffering panic attacks ever since he got out of the hospital, but he doesn’t do anything to remedy it apart from medication. Farid has taken over Demba’s territory but he’s fed up with dealing with Abdel so he asks Demba for some help.

However, Demba insists that he’s out of the business and he doesn’t want to get back in for anything. Farid snitches to the cops and tries to get Abdel arrested but Abdel remains two steps ahead.

Noumouke cannot keep himself out of trouble and is constantly getting in scraps in the neighborhood. Soulaymaan finally gets his day in court and he successfully defends his client. His mother isn’t too happy when she hears that he defended a man who was accused of breaking his wife’s jaw.

There is also tension between Noumouke and Soulaymaan because Noumouke took the fall for his brother’s gun and didn’t say anything about it. Demba develops feelings for a colleague and begins spending time with her outside of work.

The police want to get rid of Abdel somehow, so they hand Demba proof that Abdel was the one who betrayed him. Demba is conflicted on whether he should take his revenge or not.

Noumouke continues to read the book his teacher asked him to, but he doesn’t take it too seriously. Instead, he spends time with Sofia and the other people from his gang as the fight with the Aviators continues.

One night, a big fight breaks out and Sofia fires a gun that she got from Farid’s trap house. Khadijah is worried about Noumouke because he stays outside all night in hiding. Demba finds out where the gun was from and he visits Farid, chastizing him in front of his men and embarrassing him.

Noumouke gets back home the next morning and finds his mother lifeless on her bed. She had earlier told Soulaymaan that she wouldn’t go to work until Noumouke returned.

Sofia is picked up by the police the next day and when her mother tries to protest, she is knocked over and sprayed with pepper spray, with a neighbor recording the whole incident.

The brothers are shocked by their mother’s death and transport her body back to their home village in Senegal where she is buried. They see the village school that their mother had started through her charity and they help put a roof and finish the work on it so that the students have a better place to study.

Street Flow 2 ending explained in detail:

What happens to Noumouke?

Demba tells Noumouke that the last thing their mother wanted was for him to get out of the violent lifestyle. The parents of all the children gather the gangs and give them a lecture on how the fighting doesn’t help anyone.

They try to teach them about respect and Noumouke has to make peace with the people he has been fighting with all this while. He also finishes the book and feels frustrated because the character works hard and ends up alone.

His teacher tells him that another lesson is that one should only work for themselves and not for anyone else, which gives them the choice of being anything they want to be.

What happens to Soulaymaan?

The footage of Sofia’s mother getting pepper sprayed by the police is released and Soulaymaan defends her on television, shining a light on the increased police brutality against the more marginalized communities of Paris.

He speaks passionately, and very well on television. He makes a very compelling case, laying out good points backing up the truth of the issue as his boss and everyone else he knows watches on.

What happens to Demba?

Demba has fallen for his colleague and she tells him that she’s a single mother so she wants to do things by the book and save herself for marriage. He promises her that he will do things that way and when he returns from his village, he ties up loose ends.

He gets rid of Abdel, and assumes that he can move on with his life. He is headed to meet the woman that he loves and her son for the first time, but Farid is following him with the intention to kill him.

The police are also following close behind and just as Demba enters the park, Farid walks up to him with a gun pointed straight at him and nervous hands. A shot rings out but it is unclear who it hits.

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