Stormfront’s death explained: How and why did she kill herself?

Stormfront was outed as a Nazi supremacist in season 2 and ultimately reduced to a charred husk after bearing the full brunt of Ryan’s heat vision.

She’s been forced to live out her days on life support at an undisclosed facility where she gets regular visits from Homelander. While the two of them still have feelings for each other, their agendas vary slightly.

Stormfront still dreams of creating a superior race while Homelander only cares about his image in the public. Since her death hasn’t been explored in detail, this is merely an interpretation of the series of events that led to it.

How did she kill herself?

On the day of Homelander’s birthday celebrations, he is trying to talk a jumper out of committing suicide but his efforts are interrupted by a news report on a nearby screen reporting Stormfront’s death. This news destroys Homelander and he begins to lose the plot.

Stormfront's death explained: How and why did she kill herself? 1
Homelander visits Stormfront at an undisclosed location

Her death is classified as a suicide, and later on, when Homelander is seen lying on her hospital bed, there is a pool of blood left behind. As soon as the news report broke, Ashley Barrett receives a call informing her of the same and she exclaims that Stormfront bit off her own tongue, bleeding herself out in the process much like Maggie Fitzgerald attempted to in ‘Million Dollar Baby’.

One cannot rule out the possibility that this was all a ruse set up by Vought with some kind of ulterior motive in mind either.

Why did she kill herself?

Stormfront was initially portrayed as this edgy, but virtuous woman who stood up for the less fortunate. This was clearly a cover for her true nature. Having truly believed that Homelander was the chosen one set to begin a new era of Supes ruling the world, she is hurt when he tells her that he doesn’t concern himself with that ideology.

Stormfront's death explained: How and why did she kill herself? 2
Stormfront sheds a tear in self pity

When Homelander visits her on his birthday, she appears to be sedated and isn’t able to react to his advances, causing him to leave frustrated. As he leaves, she is shown shedding a tear as a testament to her true feelings of love for Homelander.

Her inability to effectively reciprocate her feelings as well as the general inept conditions may have left such a proud individual with no choice but to end her life rather than continue to live on without being able to contribute to her cause.

How does Stormfront die in the comics?

While Stormfront is a male and the leader of Payback in the comics, his Nazi roots remain. He was the first Supe ever created in the world and later grew up into a popular hero in America.

Stormfront's death explained: How and why did she kill herself? 3
Stormfront combats The Boys

Stormfront was killed during his fight with the Boys and Love Sausage, in which the team brutally beat him to death.

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