Space Force season 2 summary and ending explained

Season 2 of Space Force continues to tell the story of the chaos that goes on at the government agency following their journey to the moon and how they deal with the fallout. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers


The key members of the Space Force team are being investigated after the debacle that took place during the mission to the Moon with their futures on the line. Each of them is called in for questioning individually to determine who was at fault for this issue.

Despite all the disastrous testimonies, the one common factor was that everyone on the team believed in General Mark Naird (Steve Carell) and his leadership qualities. Thanks to that Space Force was allowed to continue but under a much shorter leash and a smaller budget.

When it came time to cut the budget, Mark and Dr Adrian Mallory (John Malkovich) try to figure out what are non-essential items they can cut out. Many of their luxuries have been phased out and the staff has been furloughed as well.

Adrian finds out that the government is actively looking for a replacement for Mark while Mark himself has to break the news to Adrian that his mars mission has to be cut to balance the budget.

A Chinese delegation from their space program is visiting Space Force to discuss some distribution of resources. Chan (Jimmy Yang) and Tony (Ben Schwartz) are teaching Mark about Chinese culture. Adrian is annoyed because the Chinese scientist visiting is a former rival and also moon landing denier.

Chan is also wondering what the situation is between him and Angela (Tawny Newsome) after they spent a night together once she got back from the moon. She has been keeping her distance because she’s most likely going through some PTSD.

The Chinese general gifts Mark a bottle of hard Chinese liquor and after the dinner almost goes south, he suggests they have a few drinks and talk business. He believes that Mark will fold after 3 drinks but Mark holds his own just long enough to get a suitable deal for all parties.

Space Force are given a silly assignment as part of the Europa project to create a powerpoint presentation detailing defensive measures against any possible extra terrestrial life forms. The scientists decide to play pranks on the other people in the compound instead, because Adrian wants to boost their morale.

Chan gets Mark to be his hype man and talk him up to Angela, but Angela says she isn’t ready for a long term relationship at the moment and ask Tony to relay that information back to Chan.

Mark seems annoyed at first but then pulls a prank of his own to get back at them and it ends up being a fun day at the office until Mark receives a set of divorce papers. He makes an announcement on the PA thinking it’s a joke but when he realizes it’s real, he begins crying for everybody to hear.

The annual robot battle competition is taking place and Tony is trying to secure a long standing business relationship with an energy drink company to increase their funding. Chan and Angela are taking out their issues via their mentees and robots in the ring.

Erin (Diana Silvers) has a college interview and gets different kinds of advice from her father and Adrian but she personally doesn’t feel ready for college yet and prefers to take a gap year.

They get to the final and have a heated argument during the battle but ultimately Chan gets distracted and Angela and her robot win the title. The energy drink company shoots a horrid promo featuring Mark which Tony immediately shoots down, after which he prepares one of his own which would not help their business partnership.

Mark is dealing with a lot of stress because of his pending divorce amongst other things. He develops a kidney stone but refuse to believe acknowledge it. He tries to push on despite the pain but ultimately agrees to see the doctor and get it taken care of.

During the procedure, he ask Brad (Don Lake) to stream it Adrian’s phone so that he can see it but Brad ends up sending it to the big screen in the main control room for everybody to see. After all the issues have passed, Mark welcomes TIME magazine who will be featuring the main team of Space Force on the cover.

If you still have doubts from the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Space Force season 2 ending explained in detail (Episode 7: The Hack):

Exploring new opportunites

Tony calls up to wish his father a happy birthday but gets brushed off before he can even get a proper conversation going. Mark is on a call with the secretary of defense to secure an expansion of their budget since it has been 4 months since the inquiry.

The secretary tells him that all decisions will be made at their joint committee meeting later in the day. Chan has to tell Adrian that he got a call from SpaceX which means Adrian was not offered a job which annoys Adrian. Erin and Mark discuss where she can spend her gap year with Erin considering Portugal.

A satellite seems to be off course with many other electronic items working strangely in the building. A vending machine gives out free snacks while the sprinklers outside Marks office are randomly set off.

Let there be light

While Adrian and Mark are theorising why things might be working funny, all of their systems are shut down and they’re running on back up power. Chan and Angela are stranded in the elevator and Angela begins to have a panic attack.

They assume that they have been hacked by Russians who can hear them so they set up a ruse to fool them. They carry out a little play with so many lines talking about how bad their situation is until they finally get back control of their systems.

Chan talks Angela down and helps her regain her composure. The two of them bury the hatchet and share an intimate little kiss before the power comes back on.

The Next Frontier

Once they get the power back, they have to get the rogue satellite out of Russian airspace. Thanks to some quick math by Adrian and some slick maneouvering by Angela they succeed in t heir mission.

Mark gets the news that their budget expansion has been approved and their next mission has been assigned. Angela meets with him to say that she will be leaving Space Force. He doesn’t talk her out of it but gives her a letter stating that she’s being promoted to the rank of Major.

Chan says that he still has so much to learn under Adrian so he won’t take the SpaceX offer. Erin decides to spend her gap year studying forestry in Colorado.

The next day, the team is in the control room celebrating the success of Space Force when they catch a glimpse of a giant meteor heading towards Earth, bringing the season a close.

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