Something from Tiffany’s ending explained: Do Rachel and Ethan end up together?

In ‘Something from Tiffany’s’, an exchange of two gifts leads two different individuals to break out of their toxic relationships and find each other. The movie is now streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Ethan is planning to propose to his girlfriend, Vanessa, this Christmas. Ethan’s daughter, Daisy, guides him and helps him buy the best ring there is at Tiffany’s.

Gary, who seems to have bought something for his girlfriend too, pushes Daisy in a rush and gets caught in a car accident out on the road.

Ethan helps him out, and luckily, the ambulance is around the corner. Ethan steps aside and unknowingly picks up Gary’s present.

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Gary’s girlfriend, Rachel, pays the hospital a visit and learns that he is alright. The only takeaway is that his memory is a bit fuzzy. Gary advises Rachel to go back home, suggesting that he will be fine on his own.

On her way out, Rachel crosses paths with Ethan and Daisy at the hospital, who have arrived to check on Gary. The trio sits down and gets along, with Rachel wanting to thank them for being there for Gary. She even invites them to visit her bakery sometime.

Back home, Rachel notices a box of Tiffany’s inside Gary’s carry bag, which she has brought from the hospital. She freaks out, wondering if there is a ring inside, especially because she isn’t ready for that type of commitment.

Later that evening, Ethan thinks of visiting Rachel’s bakery since Daisy is at her friend’s house and Vanessa’s flight is delayed.

He joins her at the counter, as there is a huge crowd ahead. By the end of the night, they get to know each other better and end up sharing their individual goals in life.

The next day, while Vanessa opens Gary’s box in front of Ethan, Rachel opens Ethan’s box in front of Gary.

Ethan is left puzzled upon seeing a pair of earrings inside. Meanwhile, Gary is also surprised to see a ring inside his box, but he decides to go with the flow.

He bends his knee and proposes to Rachel for marriage, who, in turn, accepts his proposal.

Ethan figures out what went wrong, and even Gary realizes that there has been a mixup when he checks the website of Tiffany’s and discovers that he had bought earrings, not a ring.

Ethan attempts to meet Gary, but since he is way too busy, he is left with no choice but to spend another evening with Rachel. He questions her about what kind of man Gary is, hoping that he is someone who would happily give him his ring back.

The one thing Ethan can’t do is let Rachel know that the ring she is wearing doesn’t belong to her, as it would break her heart.

The next day, he finally meets Gary at his tattoo shop, but Gary pretends not to know about the ring and asks Ethan to stay away from his fiancee.

Rachel and her best friend, Terri, speculate how Gary was able to buy such an expensive ring. Rachel eventually visits Tiffany’s to inquire about the ring’s maintenance and finds out that it was Ethan who had bought this ring for his fiancee.

Upon being confronted, Gary vows that even if there was no ring, he would have married her. A disappointed Rachel accepts Gary’s apology but insists that they should give the ring back. Rachel admits that Gary isn’t perfect, but she should hold onto his good side.

Rachel invites Ethan to her bakery and gives him his ring back inside a piece of bread. The ring falls out of the bread in front of Vanessa, who assumes that Ethan is proposing and says yes.

While Ethan keeps wondering if he has made the right choice by proposing to Vanessa, Rachel and Gary hold an engagement party where Gary’s cousin, Finn, pops up and reveals a secret Gary has been hiding.

Something from Tiffany’s ending explained:

Why does Rachel break up with Gary?

The one thing that made Rachel fall in love with Gary was that he came all the way to Astonia to deliver her mother’s bracelet back to her. She had lost that bracelet on the day they met at his tattoo shop.

Finn over here mentions that Gary’s visit to Astonia was to hook up with some other girl. Turns out, he lied about the bracelet incident as well, much like how he lied about the ring.

Rachel notices a pattern of lies and realizes that she isn’t meant to be with Gary. She has already given him numerous chances, and she can’t take it anymore.

Why do Ethan and Vanessa fall apart?

After that proposal, Vanessa planned on surprising Ethan. She booked a table at Rachel’s bakery, but when they showed up for that, they came across Rachel and Gary, who had just broken up.

Vanessa learns about the mess and leaves with Ethan in disappointment. She questions him about everything he has been hiding from her, including his new book.

The topic around his book encourages Ethan to spill out that, though he goes above and beyond for her, she is not supportive when it comes to his dreams.

The couple comes to the conclusion that they both want something different from their lives and that it’s time they should part ways.

Ethan fell in love with Vanessa because she would’ve been a great role model for Daisy, who clarifies that Ethan should be with someone who is right for him.

On his daughter’s advice, Ethan sends flowers and a note to Rachel, hoping that she will show up to meet him in the afternoon, as he felt that there was a spark between them.

Does Rachel accept Ethan’s proposal?

Rachel certainly admires men who are honest. Gary isn’t one of them, but Ethan is. He never lied to her and did his best to sort out the ring situation with Gary without letting her know.

The day he sent those flowers, the bakery was busy. Terri thought her girlfriend Sophia had sent them for her until Sophia walked in and checked the note that came along with the flowers.

Rachel is informed a bit late, but she makes it in time before Ethan could leave. She agrees that she feels there is something between them.

A year later, Ethan proposes to her for marriage, and she wholeheartedly says yes again.

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