Someone Borrowed ending explained: Do Luiz and Lina end up together?

Netflix’s Someone Borrowed (Esposa de Aluguel) is a romantic comedy that follows a stubborn bachelor who evades serious relationships. However, when his dying mother threatens to cut him out of the will if he doesn’t get married, he hires an actress to be his fake fiancé.

Plot Summary

Someone Borrowed opens in São Paolo by introducing Luiz, a handsome yet unemployed bachelor. He hooks up with a lot of women but follows a set of rules to not let any relationship get serious as he doesn’t believe in love. 

We then meet Lina, a struggling stage actress who also works as a fake relative, lover or wife for people. When Luiz’s mother gets sick and is given six months to live, she asks her son to get married as her final wish.

He initially refuses, but his mom threatens to cut his allowance and remove him from her will. Sensing financial troubles, Luiz agrees and starts looking for a fake partner.

He calls his previous flings, but no one responds. His friend Nestor then suggests Lina, who accepts the job. The duo sits and plans out their entire relationship to seem authentic. 

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Luiz then takes Lina to a family gathering, introducing her to his mom and sisters. The actress almost ruins the entire charade when she goes off script, but the situation is handled before it gets worse.

Lina gets along with everyone and even gets added to the family group. 

One of Luiz’s jealous sisters, Maria Inez, suspects something fishy and tails the fake couple with her husband, Samir.

Luiz plans to drop Lina home and head out to meet his actual date, Suellen Glória. However, Maria Inez and Samir catch up to them and ask to go on a double date.

Having no choice, Luiz drives to the same spot where he is supposed to meet his date and requests Lina to help him rotate between attending to his sister and Suellen Glória.

He tries multiple times to excuse himself, but Maria Inez insists on accompanying him every time. Finally, Lina fakes an argument and leaves. She then sees Luiz’s date and pretends to be his sister.

She explains that Luiz got appendicitis and couldn’t make it, so she came to inform her in person. They chat and drink for a while, and Lina saves the day.

Someone Borrowed ending explained in detail:

How does the fake couple’s life change?

Ecstatic at the news of his son getting married, Luiz’s mom gifts Lina and him the family apartment, much to the dismay of Maria Inez.

Lina is close to getting evicted due to being behind on payments and gladly accepts the present. They move in together to safeguard their lie and to get Maria Inez off their backs. 

Three months go by, and the two become good friends. Lina even starts getting Luiz catering gigs (as he is an amazing chef), and he starts earning on his own. 

They spend a lot of time together and often debate their opposing views about love and romance. 

Does Luiz have a change of heart?

Luiz goes to visit his mom one day and finds out that she’s taken up yoga and is living her life to the fullest. She even reveals that according to the doctors, she will live till Luiz’s fake wedding day.

This makes him think about the future. Also, due to Maria Inez’s constant snooping, Luiz hasn’t had sex with Suellen Glória for three months and decides to go camping with her.

He comes clean to Lina about considering a serious relationship with Suellen Glória and invites her to the trip as well. 

What does Lina do on the camping trip?

Lina (pretending to be Maria Inez) joins Luiz and Suellen Glória for camping. It is evident by this point that Lina has feelings for her fake boyfriend.

At the campsite, she prevents the other two from having sex by pretending to be a scary animal. The next day, she takes Luiz away to click pictures for his mom.

Elsewhere, Maria Inez calls Luiz’s phone, which is still inside the tent. Suellen Glória answers, and the real sister and girlfriend discover the truth.

Suellen Glória packs everything up and leaves in Luiz’s car, stranding the make-believe couple. Luiz admits that if he were in love with his girlfriend, he would feel sad that she left, but he’s not. The two have a tender moment and get back the next day.

They continue living life as it was, with Lina performing monologues and Luiz taking care of the catering, until the family reunion pops up.

What happens at the family reunion?

No one seems to be aware of the deception, and Luiz’s mom welcomes him and Lina to the party. 

After a dance competition, in which Luiz and Lina win by beating Maria Inez and Samir, the jealous sister grabs a mic and exposes the fake relationship.

She plays a video sent by Suellen Glória in which she reveals the truth. Luiz admits that the relationship was indeed fake but after playing around with love so much, he is actually in love with Lina.

However, another shocking twist awaits when Luiz’s mom reveals that it was she, who had been paying for Lina’s services. After their first meeting, she found out that Lina was an actress and continued to pay her to be with her son.

Heartbroken, Luiz walks out of the party and moves in with his friend.

Do Luiz and Lina end up together?

Luiz starts looking for a job, and Lina goes back to performing, with a heavy heart. Luiz’s friend makes him see that despite being paid to be with him, Lina brought out the best in him and guided him to become financially independent.

After some more encouragement, he goes to see her at the family apartment but finds it vacant. He does find his mom there.

The two talk, and Luiz asks her if she lied about dying, which she denies. They spend time together and watch a movie. A freshly divorced Maria Inez also joins them.

After the film, they switch to the news and notice Lina grabbing the mic from a journalist and yelling about the whole city being stuck in a traffic jam.

She is on her way to the airport, but Luiz decides to go find her. Due to the traffic jam, he takes a lift from a man on a bike and eventually finds Lina.

He immediately proposes to her, and she says yes. The wedding happens, and Luiz finds out that Lina’s actual name is also Maria. He laughs at the addition of another Maria in his life.

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