Som: Welcome to Eden season 2 character explained

In the second season of Welcome to Eden, Astrid brings Som to Eden because she has to settle a score with Som’s father, but she does not know that Som also has an ulterior motive. Nona Sobo plays the role of Som.   

Like always, Astrid chooses the people who will stay on the island forever and join their community. Zoa’s sister, Gabi, who has come to the island as Molly, and a girl named Som are chosen from among the many guests that are invited to the party.

Eva informs Som that she and Gabi missed their boat after getting drunk at the party and will have to stay at Eden for a few days. Since they are assigned the same module, Som and Gabi will be roommates.

Som’s father did something to Astrid in the past, and that is why she chose Som. Erick reminds Astrid that Som is not to be blamed for her father’s actions, but Astrid refuses to listen and declares that Som and Molly are their last two recruits; there will be no more parties.

Paying for her father’s sins

It is clear to Som that Astrid likes Gabi more than her, and it bothers her. While Astrid tries to make Gabi feel comfortable, she forces Charly to be Som’s link. Charly will have to make her fall in love to convince her to stay at Eden forever.

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Charly becomes Som and Gabi’s new roommate and starts flirting with Som the moment he meets her. Som is also attracted to him, and the two of them start spending time together.

At a meeting of the inhabitants, Som talks about her father. She loves her father and believes that he is a good man. When Astrid questions her if she is sure about that, she seems taken aback. After that, she tells Astrid that she and her father are not alike.  

Her father runs a chain of petroleum extraction plants across the globe and wants her to take over his work at his company, as she is his sole heir and he does not have much time left to live because he is sick.

Astrid then remarks that Som’s father’s death might free her and allow her to take her own decision, which does not convince Som and makes her uncomfortable. This shows how much Astrid hates Som’s father. 

Joel then forces Charly to sleep with Som and record everything. Since Charly is in love with Mayka, he drinks the Eden drink to be able to do that, even though he sees Som as a kid. 

Som’s father is Mr. Sisuk, a sick man who is bedridden in Montreux, Switzerland. Astrid contacts him, and it is revealed that Mr. Sisuk was responsible for the attack on Astrid’s father and Isaac that killed Astrid’s father and left Isaac injured.

Welcome to Eden season 2 Som
Mr. Sisuk, Som’s father

Astrid shows Som and Charly’s video to Mr. Sisuk and tells him that she will make Som stay on the island. By doing that, she will get Mr. Sisuk’s inheritance and use it to fund the New Eden that Mr. Sisuk tried to steal from them when he got her father killed.

Mr. Sisuk pleads with Astrid to leave Som out of this, but Astrid dismisses his pleas, as he dragged her son, Isaac, into this first. She refuses to show him mercy.

Additionally, Mayka wants to end her relationship with Charly because she is sick of keeping their relationship a secret. Due to this, Charly breaks up with Som. He tells her that he is in love with someone else, and he leaves her just like that.

Som’s secret partner

Even though Charly breaks up with her and she has no significant reason to stay at Eden, Som agrees to stay on the island forever and be a part of the community; she even signs the papers for that without hesitation. 

One day, Danae catches Som at the beach alone in the dark, but instead of punishing her, she tells her that her father would be proud of her. It is then revealed why is Som ready to stay on the island forever and why she signed the papers readily.

Danae and Som have been working together, and Som came to the island to accomplish something, possibly to take the New Eden that her father tried to take from Astrid’s father seven years ago. 

Furthermore, it was Danae who attacked and killed Astrid’s father and took his phone to get the information that Som’s father needed. Som and Danae also talk about their big day, which has been a long time coming. 

Welcome to Eden season 2 Som
Danae takes out the chip from Som’s shoulder

Danae cuts Som’s shoulder to take out the chip that she has been hiding there. The next day, when everyone is busy with Bel and Zoa’s execution, Danae sneaks into the hidden transmitter room where the computers are kept.

She uses the chip and manages to get access to Eden’s system. However, Isaac catches her red-handed, and it is not revealed whether Danae and Som get what they wanted. 

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