The solutions for floods presented in High Water explained

High Water saw hydrologist Jasmina Tremer come up with more than one solution to tackle the flood making its way to Wrocław. Everything would have worked out if the government was quick to act.

Initially, the reports sent by Tremer were ignored by the local government of Wrocław, until those predictions turned out to be true in the next six weeks.

The acting Province Governor, Jakub Marczak, knew they needed Tremer to solve the crisis they were in. Therefore, she was invited to join the team of hydrologists working on the case.

Tremer was baffled to see that Professor Jan Nowak, the head of the hydrogeology department, is still relying on data from the ’60s.

Kłodzko was already flooded, and water was coming close to Wrocław.

Solution to blow up the flood banks of Domaniewo

After conducting an investigation and measuring certain things on her own, Tremer came to the conclusion that the bridges will hold during the floods, but the flood banks with trees probably won’t.

An argument with Professor Novak saw Tremer leave the premises. Marczak later talked to her personally for a solution.

Tremer recommended opening a flood bank and creating a corridor to free the river. The flood bank of Domaniewo is good for the same, and this procedure has been carried out there before.

The solutions for floods presented in High Water explained 1
River at Domaniewo

As per Tremer’s instructions, the local government prepared to blow Domaniewo’s flood bank.

On her way back home, Tremer found out that the river at Domaniewo was piled up a few years ago to feed the Latka Dairy. That’s when she realized that the maps Marczak’s team gave her were outdated as well.

Thus, blowing up Domaniewo’s flood banks turned out to be a waste of time.

The flood bank of Kęty

After investigating the house of Andrzej Rebacz, in Kęty, and talking with his father, Tremer came to realize that the river is returning to its old riverbed by moving through the ground.

Blowing up the flood banks of Kęty may work since these used to be floodpains a long time ago. Marczak considered this option, but a media leak about this decision enraged the people living in the village of Kęty.

Andrzej Rebacz led a group of people to stop the government from blowing up their homes. They were sure that the government won’t help once they lose everything.

The solutions for floods presented in High Water explained 2
Tremer at the river bank of Kęty

The people of Kęty protected their homes and the flood bank till the very end. Rebacz even opted to attack a government helicopter when the army tried to get in by force.

The government had to back out, and Wrocław faced the wrath of floods, while Kęty celebrated their victory over the officials. Rebacz, on the other hand, had to pay for attacking the government’s helicopter.

The cops later came to arrest him at his father’s funeral.

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