Sohei Kuruma’s death in In Love and Deep Water explained

Ubukata and six other people witness Sohei Kuruma’s murder in In Love and Deep Water. However, minutes later, all traces of the murder disappear, much to Ubukata’s surprise.

Sohei Kuruma is known as the godfather of the medical world. He is a reputed and influential doctor. Like him, his son is also a doctor. Despite that, Sohei decides not to leave his fortune to his son. 

Sohei plans to leave his wealth to his housemaid to redeem his life full of misdeeds. However, this does not sit well with his son and daughter-in-law, and soon, Sohei is killed aboard a luxury cruise ship.

How does Sohei die?

On the ship, Sohei talks to his daughter-in-law, Misaki, by the pool. Sohei knows about Misaki cheating on his son, Michihiko. He also knows that Misaki has been lying to their family for years; her daughter, Rena, is not Michihiko’s daughter.

Sohei asks Misaki to leave their family with her daughter. On top of that, when he reiterates that his housemaid will receive his fortune, Misaki ends up pushing him into the pool. She tries to drown him and then rushes back to her room to meet her husband.

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In her absence, Edward, a magician, arrives at the scene. He sees a helpless Sohei struggling to get out of the pool and gives him a hand. Sohei survives the drowning, but his relief is short-lived. 

Edward always carries an electric wand with him. He uses the wand to electrocute and kill Sohei before slipping away. This is when Ubukata, Chizuru, Kanato, and two other couples arrive at the scene and witness Sohei’s body fall back into the pool.

In Love and Deep Water Sohei Kuruma’s death
Edward electrocutes Sohei

The couples get scared and run away. Chizuru takes a shocked Kanato away, and Ubukata goes to inform the captain of the ship about the murder. When no one is near the body, Misaki brings Michihiko there.

Misaki and Michihiko believe that Misaki killed Sohei, so Michihiko helps her get away with murder. He takes the body to his room, and when the staff comes to check on Sohei, Michihiko puts it in a sitting position to give the impression that Sohei is alive.

On top of that, the people who had witnessed the murder deny that it happened. With no body and no witnesses, Ubukata’s claims are not believed by the captain, and he is suspended for causing unnecessary panic.

Why did Edward kill Sohei?

When two of the witnesses later testify to seeing Sohei’s murder, the truth about the murder comes out. There are two videos, taken by Michihiko and Shintaro, that even capture the murder.

However, Chizuru notices the discrepancies in the two videos. It is then revealed that two consecutive attempts were made on Sohei’s life that night. Furthermore, Michihiko reveals that the cause of his father’s death was not drowning.

Edward then confesses to killing Sohei. Years ago, Sohei operated on a patient and stole her organ, which led to her death. Sohei did it to save a patient who was sent to his hospital by a cabinet minister and who needed an urgent organ transplant.

Sohei regretted his actions later, but he could not bring the woman he killed back to life. The patient who was killed by Sohei was Edward’s wife. Years after his wife’s death, Edward takes revenge on Sohei by killing him.

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