Snabba Cash season 2 ending explained: Did Leya escape Zaki?

Snabba Cash season 2 continues the Netflix crime drama about the lives of an ambition-driven tech entrepreneur and a drug dealer. 

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The second season of Snabba Cash continues the storyline, rivalries and character arcs from the previous season.

Leya announces her app TargetCoach is going to be introduced on the stock market. Tomas tells her to call it off as they are being investigated by the Economic Crime Authority. He agrees to give up all his shares to Leya to escape trouble from the police.

A new drug dealing gang run by Zaki threatens Ravy’s business. While Ravy is conflicted about his life in crime and his pregnant girlfriend, Zaki starts expanding and recruiting teenagers for his work.

Leya is determined to save her business and looks for help to save her business and turns to Marko for help with finances. He asks her to act as a middleman for a drug deal.

She meets an old friend Jamal who works as a teacher in the local school. Jamal helps her find a new apartment and asks if she can help him fund an activity centre for his students to ensure their security.

Jamal’s students, Liban, Mohammed, Jalal and Rana, end up joining Zaki’s gang. Jalal gets caught by Ravy who beats him and he loses sight in one of his eyes.

Zaki visits Isabel at her place to threaten Ravy. After a confrontation, Ravy leaves the town.

Zaki finds out about the drug deal Leya is working for and kills Marko. He forces Leya to work for him now. Leya asks Ravy’s friends, Nala and Osman, to help her escape Zaki.

Ravy contemplates killing himself but seeing a picture of an ultrasound from Isabel makes him change his mind and he returns. He works with Leya to remove Zaki from the picture.

On the day of the delivery, Osman defects to Zaki’s side and tells him about the entire plan. Zaki devises a strategy to double cross Leya and Ravy and takes Jamal’s students with him. While Liban and Jalal join him without any hesitation, Mohammed gets scared and tells Jamal about their plan.

All lives are at risk as the time of the delivery comes closer.

Snabba Cash season 2: A Second Chance ending explained in detail:

What happened to Ravy and his gang?

Ravy shoots Liban and runs to Leya’s van. Later, Leya discovers he has been shot. By the time they reach a safe house, Ravy dies.

Nala is betrayed by Osman and takes out her anger by shooting him.

With both Ravy and Osman dead, Nala takes over and helps Leya by selling the drugs that were delivered.

Did Leya escape Zaki?

Leya leaves her apartment and calls her mother to take care of Sami for a few days as Zaki tries to hunt her down.

After the conflict with Zaki and the death of Ravy, she is clueless about how she will repay her debt from the deal. She asks Nala for help who tells her to remove Zaki first. 

Leya kills Zaki and accepts her new identity. She launches her app in the stock market. 

Did Jamal discover the truth about Leya?

After Liban’s death, Jamal leads a candlelight march to end violence in the area. 

Mohammed tells him about Tim and his relationship with Zaki who ends up revealing his past with Ravy, Leya and Salim. 

Jamal uncovers the truth and confronts Leya who tells him to not interfere if he wants to stay away from trouble.

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