Sky Rojo season 3 ending explained: Do the girls kill Romeo?

The third season of ‘Sky Rojo’ sees Romeo continuing to hunt Coral, Wendy, and Gina, who have restarted their lives somewhere far away. The season is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Romeo forgives Moises and gets him back on his side with a few lies. He doesn’t tell him that he killed his brother, Christian, and his mother.

Moises believes in Romeo, and the duo starts working on their friendship again. They eventually get back to being close like they used to be. Romeo makes sure that no one tells Moises what happened to his brother and his mother.

Amidst all of this, they kept looking for the three women, Coral, Wendy, and Gina, who ruined their lives.

About 1854 kilometers away, Coral, Wendy, and Gina find a beautiful house for themselves that is right beside the Civil Guard, which means Romeo won’t even think of coming near this place.

The trio hits the restart button on their lives. They start a bakery to launder the money they stole from Romeo. Gina falls in love with their diving instructor, Toni, and reveals to him that she is pregnant. Similarly, Wendy falls for Greta, who works at a gas station.

Coral, on the other hand, fails to embark on a new beginning. She holds onto her past and takes drugs secretly without letting her friends know.

The trio keeps their past life a secret from Toni, Greta, and Toni’s friend, Pau. A drug-addicted Coral encourages the girls to lie about their past. Only Gina struggles with that and tells a story that somewhat resembles the truth.

Toni is head over heels for Gina. He proposes marriage to Gina, who doesn’t say yes right away, but Toni, on his side, is ready to wait for her.

To inform her mother about her new baby, Gina makes a call from a telephone booth, something she isn’t supposed to do. Gina’s move backfires as Romeo has his men keeping an eye on Gina’s family.

Romeo’s men track the telephone booth down. Romeo then sends Moises and his new guy, Darwin, to look for the girls. Upon realizing that their house is near the Civil Guard, Moises and Darwin take it slow.

They use a delivery guy to send a camera inside their house. They plan to attack only when all the girls are out somewhere. Eventually, the girls join Toni, Greta, and Pau for a sailing adventure.

Romeo and his gang attack them in the middle of the ocean, intending to kill every person on the boat. Coral and Wendy, in the end, manage to injure a few of Romeo’s men, including Romeo.

The battle ends with Toni and Pau dying. Gina dies as well, after giving birth to her baby. After losing Gina, Coral and Wendy vow to kill Romeo and burn down his brothel once and for all.

The recent attack also changes Romeo for good. He realizes his mistakes and starts believing that this isn’t the right path. He goes back to his daughters to take care of them.

Ten days later, Coral and Wendy, along with Greta, track Romeo down to kill him. Before they could shoot, Wendy notices that he is with his daughters.

A high Coral fails to see the same and almost ends up shooting Romeo. While Wendy brings Coral to her senses, Romeo escapes and is left with no option but to get rid of these girls.

Moises assures Romeo that he will finish them. Romeo continues to be on the path of healing. A worker at Romeo’s brothel later informs Moises that Romeo is responsible for killing his mother and his brother.

Moises turns on Romeo and rescues the girls before Darwin, Beefcake, and Romeo’s men could find them. During their escape, Wendy comes across Coral’s pills and confronts her later.

A broken-hearted Wendy decides to part ways with Coral, who, according to her, is not the right person to be around Gina’s baby.

Moises takes Coral to a hideout, where he helps her get sober. At the same time, he deals with his own demons. He lost his loved ones and felt there is nothing in his life he is proud of.

Meanwhile, Darwin and Beefcake gave Wendy and Greta a chase. Wendy and Greta cross paths with a man named Diego. Wendy tries to find shelter at his place for one night.

During their time at Diego’s garage, Wendy and Greta feel hostile around Diego’s sister, Becky, who suspects that they are hiding something. Wendy manages to stay there by flirting with Diego.

Greta and Wendy later indulge in a heart-to-heart conversation. Greta explains to Wendy why she is wrong about Coral. She tells Wendy that she should be the one to pick Coral up if she falls down.

Wendy admits that Greta is right. She fires a flare to signal Coral to come. Wendy knows that people looking for them will also arrive after seeing that flare, but she has got a plan to take care of them as well.

Sky Rojo season 3 ending explained in detail:

Do Wendy and Coral reconcile?

As expected, Darwin and Beefcake arrive at Diego’s garage first. Diego takes Beefcake down but fails to outsmart Darwin.

Darwin overhears the baby crying. After taking out Becky as well, Diego and Beefcake follow the baby’s cry and walk right into Wendy and Greta’s trap.

Greta spills gasoline all over them. Wendy then shoots them with flare guns and records them while they get burned alive.

Moments later, Coral and Moises arrive at the garage. Both Coral and Wendy apologize to each other. Wendy promises not to abandon her, while Coral promises to never get high.

What happens to Romeo and his brothel?

Moises and Diego bring Coral and Wendy to Romeo’s brothel. At first, Romeo feels glad and starts believing that God has heard his prayers because Moises hasn’t turned on him.

He hears Moises’ voice and realizes that they are ambushing. Wendy, Coral, Moises, and Diego send half of Romeo’s guards running while they make a deal with the rest.

Romeo is left on his own. The girls think of killing him right away, but putting him out of his misery, just like that, would be a favor. The girls instead trap him inside a tank and burn him down, along with his brothel.

Where does everyone else end up?

Moises parts ways with the girls, especially with Coral. Both of them saved each other from their personal demons. They understood one another as they both had a bad life.

Wendy and Coral also freed the girls who were working at Romeo’s brothel. They all can now start a new life.

Wendy, Coral, and Greta thanked Diego and Becky, who joined them in this adventure. Wendy, Coral, Greta, and Gina’s baby looked forward to a new life where a threat like Romeo isn’t looming over their heads anymore.

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