Sky High: The Series ending explained: Does Duque catch Sole?

In Sky High: The Series, after Ángel’s death, a widowed Sole takes over his business, but it proves to be a challenge when her father would not let her be independent. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Plot summary

After the events of the film, Ángel dies. His widow, Sole, now a single mother, takes over his business. She starts working with Ángel’s gang the way that Ángel used to do. Her father, Rogelio, a trafficker of stolen goods, is now at the top of his game.

The man who killed Estrella is Ferrán, the chief of police who is working for Rogelio. Duque, a police officer who is after Rogelio and Sole, tells Ferrán that he has planted a mole to gather evidence against Rogelio, but he does not tell him the name of the man.

The mole is Fernan, whose real name is not revealed. His job is to get close to Rogelio and gather information, but Duque warns him that there is no safety net; if he fails, he will go to jail.

Sole decides to work with Mercedes, as she wants to handle the business on her own without her father’s involvement, ignoring her father’s warnings not to trust her. Fernan also introduces himself to Sole as an old friend of Ángel’s.

A girl named Rosa has been following Sole. She is Estrella’s cousin, and she wants to find out who killed her cousin. She calls Sole using Estrella’s phone, which leads to Sole reporting this to Duque, who tells her that Estrella’s phone was returned to her mother, who is now dead.

Sole is already having a hard time adjusting, as she is not left with a lot of funds. She decides to carry out a few jobs, including stealing German bonds and cars, with Ángel’s gang, which now includes Fernan, without telling her father.

After the success of the jobs, she starts getting close to Fernan, and the two start sleeping together. She also asks Fernan to find out why Rosa is following her.

When she comes to know that Rosa is Estrella’s cousin, she meets with her and tells her that she never wanted Estrella dead; in fact, she wanted her to run away with Ángel.

Sole refuses to heed Rogelio’s warnings. He then proves to her that the Chinese deal, which resulted in Estrella and then Ángel’s deaths, went wrong because of Mercedes; she wanted to get back at Ángel. Sole relays the same information to Rosa.

Mercedes wants Sole to invest in a port project in Africa, which guarantees good returns without checking the legitimacy of the money. However, the Chinese are also a part of the project, and they will not let Sole invest until she settles her past debts.

An angry Sole, who believes that the Chinese took the money and killed Estrella when the deal went wrong, wants to meet them. With Fernan’s help, she manages to arrange a meeting, where she finds out that the Chinese never took the money.

Rosa, who has been following Mercedes, finds out about her illegal dealings with judicial officers. Mercedes records these meetings to protect herself and keeps them at her home. Rosa tells Sole about the same and tries to get close to Marta, Mercedes’ daughter, to get access to her house.

Poli escapes from prison and convinces Ángel’s gang to participate in a dangerous job without telling Sole. Fernan refuses to participate in it.

The job goes horribly wrong, making them a target of the Colombians, whose merchandise they stole. Poli gets arrested again, but this time he will not be safe in prison.

The Chinese do not want money but want Sole to bring them an old Chinese vase from a French museum as compensation. Sole takes the gang to Paris, but the gang, including Fernan, tells her that the job is too risky.

Ferrán tells Rogelio about the mole, which results in him investigating on his own. Poli gets attacked by the Colombians for stealing their merchandise. Sole travels to Lisbon and meets with Carmen, a woman who works for the Colombians and is trusted by them.

Sole cuts a profitable deal with her and also convinces Mateo, an old friend of Ángel, to let the incident go, saving the lives of her gang. A grateful Poli then goes to Paris and successfully steals the Chinese vase for Sole.

Rosa and Marta are now dating, against Mercedes’ wishes. Rosa finds the safe at Mercedes’ house, and Sole sends her gang to break into her house and leave the pen drives that contain the recordings of Mercedes’ illegal meetings out in the open for the police to find.

The job goes wrong; Fernan and Gitano get shot. While Gitano is arrested by the police and taken to the hospital, Fernan’s life is eventually saved by Rogelio, who suspects him of being the mole.

To save herself, Mercedes makes a deal with Duque — she will help him catch Sole in exchange for forgetting about the recordings. After giving the vase to the Chinese, Sole is allowed to invest in the port in Africa.

Marta, who has been falling in love with Rosa, knows that Rosa has not been entirely truthful. Rosa confesses the truth and also tells Marta that they found documents in Mercedes’ safe that could reveal the identity of Marta’s father.

Ferrán tells Sole and Rogelio that Mercedes has betrayed Sole, and the police will catch her in Lagos, where all the partners who have invested in the port will meet.

After having their fair share of disagreements, Fernan and Sole express their wish to be together, no matter the circumstances, and make their relationship official.

Rosa helps Marta figure out the identity of her father, Rogelio. Rosa also informs Marta and Sole that they are half-sisters. Marta is upset with Mercedes for lying to her about her father being a hippie in Thailand for years, and she leaves her to live with Rosa.

Rosa finally guesses the password of Estrella’s phone and finds a video of Ferrán, whom she does not identify, shooting her. Meanwhile, Ferrán gives Sole a gun as she leaves for Lagos with Fernan and Mercedes.

Sky High: The Series ending explained in detail:

Does Rosa find Estrella’s killer?

Rosa calls Sole after finding the video. When Sole does not answer the phone, she decides to go to the police with the video. At the station, she realizes that Estrella’s killer is none other than the chief of police, Ferrán. She runs away from the station, but she leaves her ID behind.

Sole sees the video that Rosa sent her and confronts her father about his involvement in Estrella’s death. Rogelio discusses the same with Ferrán; Rogelio had told him about the money back then, but killing Estrella was Ferrán’s decision.

Ferrán now knows about Rosa and wants to silence her. He hits her with his car, but Rosa fights back. He almost manages to choke her to death, but Rogelio, who had been following him, comes to her rescue. Rosa then shoots Ferrán.

Marta also appears at the scene, and Rogelio, who did not know about Marta but was told by Sole about having another family member, sees his daughter for the first time.

Marta is still digesting everything that her mother told her about Rogelio, so she does not say anything to him but takes Rosa with her.

Does Sole kill Fernan?

Rogelio, who had hacked Fernan’s phone, warns Sole about him. As she knows that Mercedes has betrayed her, Sole plans to get out of there before the police arrive. She is even ready to kill Mercedes.

She goes out of the hotel to take a walk. Mateo, who has also come to Lagos, approaches her and tells her that the Fernan who was Ángel’s friend is still in prison; this Fernan is an imposter.

When she returns to the hotel room, Fernan cannot lie to her anymore and tells her that she is getting arrested tomorrow. He apologizes to her and tells her that he is worried about her, even when she points a gun at him.

She does not shoot him but tells him that she has arranged his death with Mateo; the moment she leaves the room, his men will come for him. She leaves the room and gives the men Fernan’s room number, but Fernan manages to leave before they come.

Why does Sole save Mercedes?

After leaving the room, Sole meets with Carmen, who tells her that they need to get out of Lagos as soon as possible because the police will realize that their plan is failing and will come for them anytime now.

Mateo has already left, and Carmen thinks she can find a way out for them. When she leaves, Sole finally confronts Mercedes about betraying her and about Marta being her half-sister.

She advises Mercedes not to go back to her room, as Sole told the Colombians about Mercedes’ involvement with the police. Sole does not want Marta to know that her sister killed her mother, so she leaves Mercedes with this advice.

Does the police catch Sole?

Mercedes panics and leaves the hotel. She is being followed, and Duque tells her to go back to the hotel, where the police will come to pick her up. However, her life is threatened at the hotel, and she begs Sole to save her.

Sole decides to save her and even Fernan, who would have been killed if Sole had not shot his attacker in time. She then takes the two of them to the airport, where Carmen has arranged a private plane for them.

Duque reaches the hotel and finds the dead bodies of the men Sole killed. He chases Sole to the airport. By the time he reaches there, Sole, Fernan, Mercedes, and Carmen have already left; Sole was once again a step ahead of the police.

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