Skull Island summary and ending explained

Netflix’s Monsterverse animated series, Skull Island follows a group of shipwrecked explorers encountering one fearsome creature after another, including the giant ape that rules all of the titular island: Kong.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

A teenage girl in handcuffs tries to flee a large ship full of armed people who want to restrain her. She manages to escape eventually and gets discovered by a group of deep-sea explorers.

The men catch up to her but they all start getting killed by the red tentacles of a humongous squid. Charlie, his father Cap, Mike, and his father all try to ask Annie who she is and what her story is. Meanwhile, they are also excited at the prospect of finally finding a monster after so much trial and failure.

However, their excitement turns into dread as the squid monster starts attacking, resulting in the ship drowning and Mike’s father getting crushed to death. Time passes, and the rest of the group washes ashore on an unknown island.

Mike and Charlie are together while Cap gets separated, with the former two not knowing if he survived. All three encounter a number of weird and terrifying creatures. Annie reunites with the two guys while elsewhere on the island, Cap meets a woman named Irene and some peculiarly armed guys.

Cap learns that they’re here to find something or someone, while Annie and her monstrous dog fight armed guys, with Mike and Charlie tagging along and trying to survive themselves. Irene makes a plan to separate Annie from her dog using a large bird monster and succeeds in doing so.

Annie is captured and later learns that Irene is her mother. Meanwhile, Charlie is captured by the bird and dropped off at the same spot where Annie’s dog is. He then discovers Kong before escaping the place with Dog.

Meanwhile, Mike’s injury takes a toll on him, and while he’s being treated the squid returns and Charlie does too. He concocts a plan that involves Kong dealing with the monster and it eventually works, with Kong emerging victorious, but the main characters end up with unknown circumstances.

Skull Island ending explained in detail:

Why is Irene looking for Annie?

Irene is an ultra-wealthy woman who has been paying explorers to look for an island that is impossibly hard to find. She is the one who sent the men after Annie and cuffed her.

It’s later revealed that she’s Annie’s mother and ever since Annie and her father got stuck on the island neighbor to Skull Island (shortly after which her father died), she has been pouring her money and time into finding her.

She finally finds her but Dog, who has been with Annie for so many years and protects her like a pet, attacks Irene’s men. They retaliate too, which Annie takes as a sign of them being bad people. Irene finally confronts her and reveals the truth about their relationship.

What happens to Annie?

Annie has the locket that Kong treasures and uses it to bait him, making him run to the beach where she finally throws it in front of him. As he goes to pick it up, the squid monster attacks him. The two titans duke it out and Dog begins to drown.

Kong saves him and drops him near Annie, and the two reunite. Kong manages to emerge victorious and pummels the squid to its death. He then throws the carcass away which creates a huge wave in which Dog and Annie get swept away.

When she wakes up, she finds herself in a hospital bed as Irene greets her. Anxious regarding her dog and where she is, Annie frets and moves about frantically, opening the window curtains to see that she’s on the mainland, with skyscrapers towering all over and crowding the skyline.

Are Cap, Charlie, and Mike dead?

Mike falls victim to the squid monster’s attack, which simultaneously electrocutes and poisons him. His injury gets worse over time and he has to be treated with whatever little they have on the island.

At Irene’s camp, they use aloe to try and treat it a bit but it’s not as effective and Mike has to be given proper medical care that the modern world provides. Meanwhile, Charlie enacts his plan of getting Kong near the beach to fight the squid.

He, Annie, and Dog run from Kong with the locket that he treasures, but since Dog can’t handle carrying two people, Charlie jumps off his back and falls victim to a trap of the Spanish-speaking tribe that lives on Skull Island. They are upset with him that he drove Kong to do such a thing.

Meanwhile, when he doesn’t return to the camp, Cap bolts and goes looking for him, with Mike accompanying him, they encounter a creature and Mike helps kill the monster. Skull Island ends with the fate of all three left ambiguous, as they’re never shown to leave the island.

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