Sister Sage: The Boys character explained

Sister Sage is a new member of The Seven recruited by Homelander for his evil plans. Susan Hayward plays the character.

Ashley discusses potential recruits for The Seven; one of them is Sister Sage, the smartest person on the planet.

A-Train dismisses her candidacy because he knows her from his time at Teenage Kix and doesn’t think she would be a good fit.

Homelander turns to her because he wants more from his life and she has the intellect to achieve it.

Hatching a plan

Sage can see exactly what Homelander is going through and has the confidence to challenge him, so he brings her on board.

She tells him that the best way for him to create the ideal kingdom for Ryan is to turn the masses against each other and swoop in to fix things at the right time.

She has some of Homelander’s followers murdered and starts a riot with Starlighters. The bodies are dropped there and Starlighters are framed for the deaths.

Mother’s Milk spots Sage and she lures him and the team into a trap where they face off against Firecracker and Splinter.

Sage recruits Firecracker because she can sway the masses in her favor and has a personal grudge against Annie.

Homelander promotes her to the position of CEO of Vought but doesn’t always enjoy being put down by her.

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