Sintonia season 4 summary and ending explained

In season 4 of Sintonia, Doni, Nando, and Rita face new challenges that they have to overcome with each other’s support. The episodes are streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

Following the shootout at the cafe, Nando goes into hiding in Bolivia until things calm down. He’s shot in the arm and has to undergo surgery to get the bullet out.

Doni is also shot and Rita accompanies him to the hospital. Doni survives but has to undergo months of physical therapy to get back on his feet and walk again.

Rita visits the church to thank God for saving Doni and while she’s there, she sees a young girl that reminds her of her past. She decides to go back to school and complete her studies.

The authorities arrest Scheyla to pressurize Nando and he tells his lawyer to get her out somehow. He also tells her to get Cleyton released since they have more considerable leverage now.

Nando tries to apologize to Doni but Doni isn’t ready to forgive him. He has a tough time getting used to his new life and it affects his career significantly. He isn’t able to move on stage like he used to and the medical bills pile up on him.

Rita is thrilled to have Cleyton back with her but she doesn’t get to spend enough time with him because she chooses to join law school after getting her GED.

Nando is stressed because someone tries to take his life while he is in hiding but he survives. He learns that someone from his own organization ratted him out.

He works towards finding out who the rat is and also looks into ways to get Scheyla out of prison. Scheyla struggles inside for a while but eventually steadies herself and develops some resolve.

Doni picks up more gigs to earn more and pay off his debts but things are moving slowly so Marcão tells him that they have to part ways because he’ll have one less salary to pay.

Rita meets a lawyer named William who works at a legal clinic fighting for people who don’t have the resources to afford top council and she gets an internship there.

She learns a lot more about how the law work and tries to help every person that she can from her position until it all gets overwhelming for her.

Doni drops his record label after they try to negotiate a bad deal and he moves back home after having to give up his apartment because of his debts.

Nando ultimately finds out that Messinho was the one who set him up and he gets his revenge. Doni starts his own record label to promote young rap battle artists from his favela.

Rita is caught at a crossroads after Nando asks her to convince Scheyla to go along with his plan to break her out. Scheyla wants to do things legally but Nando insists on getting her out.

At the final moment, Rita asks Nando to drop the plan because she has a change of heart and he agrees.

Sintonia season 4 ending explained in detail:

What is Nando and Rita’s plan?

Rita apologizes for backing out but she says she did it for his family’s safety. Nando says that he’s tired of running and is willing to give himself up in exchange for Scheyla’s freedom.

Rita says she can help with that and asks William to talk to the judge about making a deal. With William’s help, Cleyton and Scheyla are both acquitted.

Scehyla is released from prison so that she can live with her children again. Nando agrees to turn himself in but doesn’t tell anyone but Pulga about his plan.

What happens to Doni and VA Records?

Doni gets three young artists on his label and then organizes a block party with them performing and him headlining. The gig is a huge success and they make a huge collection but on their way home, they get mugged and lose all the money.

Doni visits Dodonka and asks her to meet his artists and just talk to them to inspire them. Doni’s artists work quite well together and they have another party in the favela to celebrate their people.

What is in store for the trio?

Rita continues to study in law school and help the community while living happily with Cleyton. She helps out Scheyla and the kids while Nando is in prison. Doni has VA Records to promote and he wants to grow it to something huge.

The trio spend one last night together with each other before Nando is supposed to go in and they reminisce over all the good times that they have had with each other.

Once Nando is inside, the government tries to make a deal with him to take down the rest of the cartel but Nando refuses to do that and continues to run things from inside.

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