Sims and Gloria’s past in Silo explained

In the eighth episode of Silo, when Sims visits Gloria, she quickly recognizes him as someone she helped years ago.

Sims is keeping Gloria locked in a room, probably because she has an idea of what the outside world looks like and the Judicial doesn’t want anyone else to find out about it.

Gloria is being sedated from time to time and kept against her will. When Juliette visits Gloria, looking for answers, she figures out that the officials at Silo are watching them through cameras and discovers George’s hard drive hidden in a vent.

Sims and Judicial fail to capture Juliette. Sims visits Gloria to question what she and Juliette talked about. It is then revealed that Sims and Gloria go way back, and Gloria has done something for which Sims will always be grateful to her.

Helping Sims and his wife

Gloria recognizes Sims as the security man. Back in the day, Sims’ wife went through a miscarriage. Sims and his wife almost gave up on having a family, but they had more time on their lottery.

Sims and Gloria's past in Silo explained 1
Sims and Gloria talk about their past

During their dark times, Gloria came to help. She, as a fertility counselor, advised Sims to add folic acid to his wife’s tea every night. Gloria wonders if that worked, and Sims reveals that it did by telling her that their boy turns six next month.

Sims and Gloria strike a deal

Sims asks for Gloria’s help again. This time, in exchange, he offers something she desperately wants. If Gloria tells him everything that she talked about with Juliette, Sims will personally guarantee that she will never be kept away from her dreams and will be regularly sedated.

If Gloria doesn’t aid him, Sims won’t send her out to clean, but he will make sure that she is left in the room she is in, unmedicated, for the rest of her life.

When Gloria asks him why she should trust him, he says it’s because she is the reason why he has a son today. Gloria voluntarily tells him everything, and Sims orders the nurses to medicate Gloria.

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