Shinichi Saimori: My Happy Marriage character explained

Shinichi Saimori is a major supporting character in My Happy Marriage and as the father of the protagonist Miyo, he has facilitated the drastic change in her life.

Miyo Saimori has endured an unbearable amount of trauma and abuse at the hands of her own family members.

And while her stepmother and stepsister have been inflicting real, physical, and emotional hurt upon Miyo, Shinichi has been fostering an environment that’s conducive to such harsh treatment.

Arranged father

Shinichi Saimori fell in love with a woman named Kanoko when he was young. However, their union would elude him when he was arranged to marry someone else.

This person was Sumi Usuba, a person from the Usuba family famous for their reclusive lifestyle and immense supernatural abilities.

My Happy Marriage Shinichi Sumi Saimori
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Shinichi was arranged married to Sumi in hopes of bearing a child who inherits the Usuba gift. However, Miyo grows up to show no such signs of a supernatural gift, thanks to Sumi who seals her daughter’s powers to protect her from others seeking them.

Indifferent catalyst

Shinichi Saimori was already miffed by the arranged marriage which made him break things off with Kanoko. When Miyo shows no signs of inheriting any sort of supernatural abilities, even those not native to her bloodline, he starts not caring at all.

Eventually, Miyo’s mother passes away and Shinichi gets to finally marry his first love, Kanoko. The stepmother already hates Miyo’s guts because her face resembles that of her mother.

When it’s confirmed to him that Miyo has no powers while his younger daughter with his second wife, Kaya shows signs of said powers, Shinichi lets go of any iota of care he had left for Miyo, as he becomes indifferent to whatever abuse she was put through by Kanoko and Kaya.

Miyo becomes a servant in her own house and while her stepmother and stepsister abuse and mistreat her, it is Shinichi’s inaction and indifference that catalyzes the perpetual cycle of abuse of Miyo.

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