Shen Jia-wun: Copycat Killer character explained

Shen Jia-wun is one of the antagonists in Copycat Killer, a crazed DJ who has an immense hatred for women. The character is portrayed by Fandy Fan.

When Da-chao convinces Hsiao-chi to continue investigating Jian-ho in the serial murder case, it leads them to learn about Shen Jia-wun, the DJ at Club KINK and an old classmate of Jian-ho.

He turns out to be a very suspicious individual and Hsiao-chi finds a lot of evidence tying him to the crimes but is thwarted when Jia-wun is suddenly backed by a hotshot lawyer. Hsiao-chi chips away at the clues to find a way to bring in Shen Jia-wun.

Just a replacement

All the rage that Shen Jia-wun had inside him stemmed from his complicated childhood. His mother had a daughter before him who died very young and this led to her having a psychotic break.

When he was born, she gave him the same name as her daughter and pretended that he was a girl to recapture that feeling but Shen Jia-Wun felt humiliated and unloved.

Shen Jia-wun: Copycat Killer character explained 1
He had a very troubled childhood

He would hallucinate a young girl and refer to it as the ghost or spirit of his sister which would push him to commit horrific acts. He beat up the girls who bullied Jian-ho in school which is how they became friends.

When Hsiao-chi brings Jia-wun in for questioning, he almost gets him to admit to the murders but a lawyer walks in a gets him out of there. The lawyer works for the Speaker of the House and Hsiao-chi and Yan-jhen find out that Jia-wun might be his illegitimate son.

In bad company

Shen Jia-wun met Chen He-ping at the SODOM club along with his other accomplices. He would kidnap the women and torture them along He-ping while Tian Cun-yi took pictures of the entire thing.

Jian-ho doubts Jia-wun’s role in the murders but doesn’t feel like betraying him as Jia-wun is the one who stood by him when he was growing up and going through a tough time.

Shen Jia-wun: Copycat Killer character explained 2
Chen He-ping turned out to be a helpful mentor

Shang-yong follows Jia-wun one day and attacks him to find out where his daughter is kept but Jia-wun comes out of that fight alive while Shang-yong is gravely injured and subsequently hospitalized.

Jia-wun remains in hiding, slowly losing his head until he decides to take Yu-tong to a different location. Jian-ho shows up after Jia-wun calls him but when Jian-ho asks him to turn himself over, he knocks Jian-ho out with a rock and places him in the car as well.

As he’s driving, he once again sees his sister, and despite Jian’ho’s best efforts, Jia-wun drives the car off the clip to end his pain and suffering.

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