She season 2 summary and ending explained

She is a psychological crime mystery thriller focusing on Bhumi, an undercover agent assigned to bring down the biggest drug operation in Mumbai.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Bhumi partly gains Nayak’s trust by offering to be his Sasya. While they are still together, Nayak’s story appears as a flashback.

Nayak as a boy, knew about his mother and uncle’s secret relationship. One day with accelerating inter-communal conflicts, Nayak’s uncle massacred Nayak’s family, including his mother.

As revenge, Nayak massacred his uncle’s community and slit his throat. This is where the journey of Nayak began.

The following day when Bhumi wakes up, she finds no one in the house. She is left free to go. Bhumi comes back to the crime branch to report the incident.

Before entering, she is given a bag full of her stuff that was in the hotel room. Among the other stuff, Bhumi finds a phone in the bag.

Soon, Bhumi is under interrogation by Intelligence Officer Nambiar. He asks her about minute details of her stay at Nayak’s residence, such as how many men were there.

Bhumi fails to answer exact numbers and other details that make ACP Fernandez suspect her of hiding partial information.

However, Bhumi confidently denies having hidden anything. Nonetheless, Bhumi hides the fact that she saw Nayak kill Sasya and offered to be Nayak’s new Sasya.

But Bhumi confirms the sketch of Nayak, and the department believes in acquiring the first-ever visual note of Nayak. ACP Alam declares that the operation will proceed further in the same way as before.

Thus, Bhumi is back on the street as a call girl waiting to be picked up by Nayak someday.

However, days pass, and Nayak does not show up. But waiting on the street has brought new stories into Bhumi’s life.

One night, during a verbal clash, Bhumi tells the other call girls that she works for herself and keeps all the money she earns. Due to this, the manager of the other call girls, Ismail Seth, threatens Bhumi and one day beats her up.

However, the next day, the matter gets under control as the police department thrashes Ismail’s boss, and in turn, Ismail is beaten too.

But now, all the other call girls, along with Ismail, support Bhumi’s supposedly a way of working and want her support, but Bhumi denies it.

In another instance, Bhumi notices a transgender person keeping an eye on her but in a creepy way. Bhumi suspects that this can be an act of Nayak to keep a check on her. 

Thus, one night, Bhumi follows the transgender woman and gets in her car. They reach a non-functioning building where the transgender woman ties Bhumi up.

She tells her that she wants to kill Nayak and that Bhumi must agree to help her. Bhumi disagrees and asks if this is a test by Nayak himself.

This angers the trans woman, and she threatens to kill Bhumi, but Bhumi manages to untie herself and counterattack the trans woman.

This encounter leads to Bhumi firing on the woman to save herself. After the shot, Bhumi is afraid and immediately calls ACP Fernandez. 

ACP calms her down and takes her to his home.

The next day, Bhumi goes missing from her home. Nayak had picked her up.

In a conversation with Nayak, Bhumi tells him that the bullets fired by her have left a heaviness within her that she can’t get rid of.

Nayak preaches to her that she will do it again and takes her on tour to a mass burial. Nayak’s men bury almost 20 bodies, and Bhumi can’t look at this.

Nayak tells Bhumi about his vast business of drugs and how killing men at frequent intervals helps to keep himself safe.

On the other side, ACP Fernandez searches Bhumi’s hotel room and finds a mobile phone that Bhumi has left to communicate with the police.

Following some texts, ACP confirms that Nayak picks up Bhumi. 

Just when Bhumi was texting her status, Nayak revealed his mechanism to keep a check on bhumi. So, Bhumi learns that Nayak tracked her through the phone and can see and listen to Bhumi all the time.

But, Nayak switches off the tracker when Bhumi is with him.

Nayak also tells her about his childhood and how he becomes the Nayak. This is a point where Nayak has started to believe Bhumi.

As an undercover agent, Bhumi clicks pictures of the map on Nayak’s wall and sends them to ACP. ACP and the intelligence team start to decode the information and conclude that the numbers connect information of the place, vehicle number, highway number, and sub-street numbers.

ACP Fernandez made all arrangements to strike the deportation of drugs but canceled it concerning Bhumi’s safety as she is still with Nayak.

The next day, Bhumi returns home to learn that her abusive husband had stopped by and asked for sexual favors from Rupa in exchange for the apartment.

This angers Bhumi, and she goes to confront Lokhande. However, upon reaching there, all of Bhumi’s savagery goes to sleep as she is traumatized by his comments on her sexuality.

The next morning Bhumi informs ACP Fernandez about Nayak, his mass burial, and his way of keeping track of her. She also says that she saw Sasya’s body among the dead.

Concerning this information, the crime branch carries out its investigation. Soon, ACP Fernandez visited the trans woman who Bhumi had shot. She is under medical ventilation and was associated with Nayak.

Nayak operates everything online and has numerous cyberpunks placed at different locations. He also has informers inside the police department and is usually informed of every strike beforehand.

Slowly, the police discover various methods through which Nayak imports drugs from abroad. One of the methods includes illegal transportation through airline crews. Upon learning that the police have traced the airline crew, Nayak executes all of them.

The next time Nayak pickles up Bhumi, she learns that something big is being planned for Nayak. Nayak also mentions that he will be leaving on a private flight tonight.

The next day, Bhumi informed about this to ACP and the police raids on the private airport. In the encounter, every one of Nayak’s men is killed. 

Bhumi also confirms a body to be of Nayak himself, leading to the police department celebrating the success of their operation.

However, drug usage cases keep rising in the following days, and the police now suspect both Bhumi and the identity of Nayak.

Whereas Nayak’s master plan of controlling the police had been carried out by Bhumi herself. She was loyal to Nayak and did as instructed by him.

Bhumi partially lied to the police while passing every information. This created a chain of misleading among the police investigations, and Nayak carried out his operations smoothly.

By now, both Bhumi and Nayak are almost in love with each other. Bhumi finds the relationship special because she has always been referred to as a woman with a man’s body, but Nayak finds her attractive.

And Nayak trusts Bhumi completely enough to tell her everything about his past and future vision. But, Nayak tells Bhumi that to have real power, she must kill someone she loves.

Bhumi hesitantly agrees to it. Nayak asks Bhumi to kill Amey, Bhumi’s sexual client, with who she also is empathetic. But, Bhumi fails to kill him. 

However, Nayak kills Amey, and Bhumi has to watch it.

When Bhumi rejoins her duty, she misleads the police by saying that Nayak might not be a person but a group. However, when ACP meets the trans woman he saved, she asks not to believe in Bhumi’s word as she sleeps with Nayak.

On the other side, Bhumi is asked to renew the drug distribution network in Mumbai. Bhumi thinks of the elderly prostitutes who are financially broke and creates a network of drug distribution.

This time, Nayak asks Bhumi to kill Rupa and gives her two weeks to execute the plan. At the same time, Bhumi is informed of Rupa’s health and drug overdose issue.

This shakes Bhumi upon realizing that now drugs are accessible to everyone very easily, and this has caused her sister to become a drug addict. However, Bhumi carries on strengthening the drug distribution network.

The police department realizes something big has been planned for 7th September, and maybe Nayak is fleeing that day.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here is a detailed breakdown.

She ending explained in detail:

The timeline

In the last episode, five years have passed from the big night of 7th September. ACP Fernandez is now a drunkard who doesn’t report to the office or often reports being drunk.

Thus, he has been expelled by the police department.

He contacts Bhumi and tells her that he wants to meet her right then. Bhumi agrees. 

Upon reaching the big house that Nayak bought for Bhumi to felicitate her operations, Fernandez sees Bhumi in an entirely new look.

Bhumi wears a shirt and a trouser with her hair cut short.

The big night

Fernandez asks Bhumi to tell the truth to him about the night of 7th September when Nayak was nowhere to be found, but Bhumi was found at a place where she shouldn’t have.

Bhumi narrates the night’s events along with Fernandez pouring in details of the police team deployed to catch Nayak.

Bhumi says that she went to visit Nayak at night at one of the ports where he was supposed to flee from. 

There, Nayak tells her not to become another Nayak, not become like him. Nayak says that Bhumi’s task of killing Rupa is now canceled and that she must accompany him to the other side where they can start a new life.

Upon hearing this, Bhumi gets emotional, realizing Nayak’s love for her. Following this, she tells him that she had compromised his trust and told the police about him and his operations.

Hearing this, Nayak gets furious and wants to kill Bhumi but fails because of his love for her.

While confronting, Nayak starts kissing Bhumi, and they start making out on the beach, but Bhumi fires a bullet into Nayak’s stomach and then fires another that kills him.

Bhumi realizes that she has gained real power because she just killed a person she loved.

The aftermath

When the three other trans women find Bhumi, they help her to dispose off the body.

The next day, Bhumi was found alone at the port by a police officer with no evidence of Nayak.

Bhumi tries not to continue the drug business, but she realizes that a big consignment has been dropped at her welfare organization that costs crores.

The women with her support her for her decision to continue the business as it is the only thing that pays. 

Fast forward five years, Bhumi is the new Nayak. She becomes something she once killed.

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