Sharper ending explained: Is Tom dead or alive?

Sharper is a crime-thriller film on Apple that follows con artists in Manhattan who rob billionaires through intricate acts. It is now streaming on Apple TV+.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The film starts with Sandra and Tom meeting in a bookstore. He asks her out and although she seems hesitant at first, they begin dating each other.

One day, Sandra tells him that her brother owes dangerous individuals a lot of money and they have held him hostage.

They want the money from her, but she doesn’t have it. Tom offers to pay the money on her behalf. It turns out that he belongs to a wealthy family and is actually the owner of the bookstore where they met.

She reveals that the amount is $350000. After getting it from Tom, she leaves and never returns. She’s a con artist.

A flashback addresses her origins. She was a criminal on parole who was taken under his wing by a con man named Max.

He taught her how to fake her own identity. Together, they pulled elaborate acts and swindled money off rich people. In the process, the two show signs of attraction to each other as well.

Back in the present, Max’s mother, Madeline, is in a relationship with the wealthy billionaire Richard Hobbes. However, even this turns out to be a facade as she isn’t actually his mother but a partner in crime. They’re also attracted to each other.

Madeline suddenly tells Max that she is considering getting married to Richard and throws him under the bus. Richard’s son turns out to be Tom, who was robbed earlier in the film. After marriage, Richard passes away.

He just left a charity foundation in the name of Tom, and the rest of his assets, worth $9.2 billion, are inherited by Madeline. She is also announced as the trustee of the foundation.

The reason for this is that Richard lost trust in Tom to handle his wealth after the whole episode with Sandra.

Sharper ending explained in detail:

Why does Sandra return?

Madeline is just getting comfortable with the money when Tom arrives with detective Pat Braddock.

They tell her about the money looted from Tom and that they’re looking for Sandra. But this couldn’t have been pulled off by just one person and she must have had help.

Eventually, the detectives find Sandra, who is recovering in Madeline’s guest room as she is a heroin addict.

She confronts Madeline, telling her that Max left her at Penn Station and never showed up. She waited for three whole days.

Sandra asks her to call him to meet. She does so, acting as if she wants Max back in her life, but it’s all just a ruse.

Are the con artists exposed?

Max decides to meet her. But at the location, Madeline arrives alongside Sandra, who criticises Max for abandoning him.

To their surprise, Tom arrives alongside Detective Braddock. They realise that all three of the are con artists working together.

Madeline persists in claiming the fortune as her own. Tom starts to break down because of all the betrayal.

He pulls out a gun and in all the chaos, he puts the gun in Madeline’s hands and shoots himself dead.

Braddock wants to take Madeline in for the murder, but she offers to return all the money she inherited by donating it to the foundation.

Is Tom dead or alive? What was the whole plan?

The three con artists are allowed to escape in an airplane. Madeline believes that she has outsmarted them by donating to the foundation.

Since Tom, the head, is now dead, the trustee will assume responsibility for the foundation. Madeline will get the money back. Sandra is horrified that they are still talking about the money even after Tom is dead.

As Sandra leaves for the washroom, Madeline realises that the blood on her clothes isn’t real. She accuses Max of planning this.

They both finally understand what’s going on. The real person who fooled them is Sandra, who is nowhere to be found.

After the whole episode with Tom, and being betrayed by Max, she worked alongside him to take the two down. Their plan was to get rid of Tom for getting Richard’s wealth. Sandra and Tom successfully managed to turn the tables.

In the end, Tom forgives her for what she did as she helped him get his money back. The two are also hinted to be romantically involved.

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