Shani: The Other Black Girl character explained

In The Other Black Girl, Shani is the mysterious stalker who tries to warn Nella about Hazel and Wagner Books. Karina Willis plays Shani.

Shani Bontemps used to work at Cooper’s Review in the past. She was Hazel’s first target when Hazel began working for Diana Gordon. Hazel had joined Cooper’s Review under the name Eva.

Shani was quite friendly toward Hazel on the latter’s first day at Cooper’s Review. Shani felt comfortable criticizing how Cooper’s Review works in front of Hazel.

Shani believed they would look out for each other. However, Hazel uses the trust they have built to achieve her goal. She introduces Shani to the hair grease that will take all of her pain away.

Hazel attempts to convince Shani that she doesn’t have to feel the pain she does while working for the system. This product will take her pain away; she will no longer feel that it’s her fault that things don’t work out for her.

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Shani thinks otherwise. She doesn’t believe the world works this way. It’s always going to be hard, and she is strong enough to face the struggles.

Shani’s fate

Hazel fails to get Shani on her side. Instead, she has pushed her away. Diana is forced to step in and take care of this situation. Diana learns that Hazel has at least recorded some things Shani confided in her that could really get Shani in trouble at work.

Diana uses these recordings against Shani, who loses her job first and then her apartment. She is also attacked on the street by an anonymous person.

Shani: The Other Black Girl character explained 1
Hazel introduces Shani to the sisterhood

Shani is one of those who doesn’t give in easily. For a very long time, Shani evades the attacks of Diana’s sisterhood and is always on the run. She keeps following Hazel, and once she realizes that Nella is Hazel’s next target, she takes measures to save her.

Shani sends Nella notes, asking her to leave Wagner Books immediately. She also arranges a meeting. Unfortunately, Diana’s sisterhood ends up catching Shani. Hazel keeps Shani captive at her house and eventually turns her into a member of Diana’s sisterhood.

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