Sex/Life season 2 ending explained: Does Billie end up with Brad?

In the second season of Sex/Life, Billie’s life changes completely when she divorces Cooper and finds out that Brad has moved on. The show is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The second season begins with Billie at Brad’s house. She kisses him, but he stops her and tells her that he cannot be with her. When she rejected him six months ago, he tried to move on. 

He is now dating a model named Gigi, and she is pregnant with his child. Brad plans to start a family with her. 

A heartbroken Billie returns home. He tells Cooper that she went to see Brad, but he already knows that, as he has been tracking her phone. He tells her that he is done with her and that he wants a divorce.

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Months later, she is living alone in an apartment. She and Cooper get to take turns living with her children in Connecticut for a few days every week. Sasha takes Billie out to help her find someone, and Billie meets Majid. 

She tells him everything that is going on in her life, and he still wants to take her out on a date. Billie agrees to go out with him. Meanwhile, Cooper has been sleeping with his boss, Francesca.

Sasha runs into her ex-boyfriend, Kam, who now runs an international medical non-profit. He takes her out on a date to the Met, the place where they had gotten engaged in the past. 

Kam was going to Stanford, and he wanted Sasha to come with him. He asked her to marry him, and she agreed, but she chose not to go with him when her grandmother rebuked her for giving up her dream of going to Columbia for a man.

Majid takes Billie to his restaurant for their date. After their date, Billie is hesitant to start something new with Majid, but she overcomes her hesitation and goes back to his restaurant, only to find Brad there. Brad is one of Majid’s investors. 

Cooper and Francesca are caught in a compromising position at work. As a result, Francesca gets fired, but Cooper stands up for her and quits his job.

Sasha gets a new agent, Mick, who promises to make her more successful than she currently is. He decides the name of her next book on her behalf and tells her about it after selling it to a publishing house for a large sum.

On the other hand, she tells Kam why she left him in the first place. Kam does not want her to sacrifice anything for him, but he wants to give their relationship another chance. After initially hesitating, Sasha accepts his proposal.

Cooper talks to Billie’s mother, Vivian, who reprimands her daughter for her life choices. However, the two women understand each other when Vivian tells Billie her own life story, which makes Billie understand her mother’s actions. 

Vivian then encourages Billie to pursue a relationship with Majid, which gives Billie the push she needed to start over with someone else. On the other hand, Francesca asks Cooper to marry her. He tells her that he is not ready yet and then cheats on her.

Gigi moves in with Brad, but he cannot forget Billie and move on. He tries to tell Gigi about the same but ends up asking her to marry him for the sake of their unborn child.

Sasha and Billie’s respective relationships with their partners develop over time. Kam accompanies Sasha to one of her events to support her, but his actions there get blown out of proportion, and Sasha’s popularity plummets. 

Billie tries to talk to Cooper, as she is worried about him, but he refuses to listen to her when he finds out that she did not end their marriage because of Brad but because she did not want to be with him. 

At Majid’s holiday party, Billie discovers that Brad and Gigi are now married. The situation upsets both Brad and Billie, which causes Gigi to ask Brad to never meet Billie again.

Cooper starts making all the bad decisions. As a result of one of them, his son, Hudson, catches him in bed with Cooper’s best friend’s wife, Trina. Billie comes to handle the situation but is forced to leave when Cooper finds out that she is dating Majid.

Billie finds out that Brad is being sued for fraud and reaches out to extend her support. He calls her to his house when Gigi is not there and tries to kiss her, but Billie stops him.

Billie meets Trina when they go to the spa to celebrate the birthday of their mutual friend, Caroline. The outing clears the air, and the two women reconcile. Caroline and Trina also applaud Billie’s bold life choices.

Gigi calls Billie to meet her and asks Billie to stay away from Brad. Meanwhile, Francesca finds out about Cooper’s infidelity from Dev and breaks up with him. A drunk Cooper runs into his ex-girlfriend, Emily, who comforts and advises him.

Mick asks Sasha to break up with Kam for the sake of her public image. Sasha tells Kam that she wants to keep their relationship a secret and break up with him in public, but he refuses to go along with the plan and asks her to choose.

At the holiday party, Billie also saw Majid with another woman. Majid later tells her that she was one of his investors. He used to sleep with her after she invested in his restaurant, but he has put an end to it. Billie eventually forgives him. 

Sasha lets Kam go, as she chooses her career. She tries to forget him by being with other men, but she keeps missing him. 

Trina, who has been trying to get a job again, finally decides to make a bold decision like Billie; she divorces her husband, Dev. 

Billie and Cooper’s divorce also gets finalized. Billie tries to talk to him once again and convince him to get counseling, but he does not listen. Majid meets Billie’s children and spends a day with them, along with Billie.

Billie runs into Brad, who now has a son with Gigi. He lost his company due to the lawsuit, but he is still happy because of his son. 

Sasha happens to meet Kam and asks him to go out for drinks with her. She tells him that she has everything, but she keeps feeling that she is missing something; that something is Kam.

They sleep together. Kam then tells her that he is moving to Singapore. He cannot cancel that trip, as he has a lot of people depending on him. He once again asks her to accompany him.

After the divorce, an angry and hurt Cooper goes out with Dev to forget Billie, but he cannot help but think about her. Cooper and Dev’s reckless actions lead to an accident that involves two sex workers who were in the cars with them.

Cooper, who had been driving under the influence, gets arrested. Billie brings him home, and the incident changes him for the better. He goes to group therapy, does community service, and the two sex workers agree to settle the lawsuit.

Sasha and Kam are forced to part ways once again, as Sasha does not want to drop her career and move to Singapore. At the same time, Kam does not trust her, as he thinks she might leave him once again at Mick’s insistence. 

Sex/Life season 2 ending explained in detail:

Does Billie break up with Majid?

Since Hudson invited Majid to see his game, Majid decides to take Hudson to the Yankee Stadium without Billie. However, on their way, he gets a call that he is urgently needed at the restaurant.

He takes Hudson to the restaurant but cannot keep an eye on him at all times. Hudson wanders into the kitchen, which results in a fire. Majid yells at him. He takes him aside and asks him to wait for him to come back, but an upset Hudson runs away on his own.

Cooper, Billie, and Brad come to the restaurant after the incident. Brad helps a panicked Billie find Hudson. Even Cooper, who now seems to be fine with the idea of Brad being there, thanks him.

Later, Billie meets Majid, who confesses that he wants to be with her, but he cannot be a father to her children. He enjoyed the life that he had with her, which was different from her other life with her children.

He wants to continue their relationship, but Billie breaks up with him, as she wants a relationship that will allow her to be herself without giving up a part of herself. 

Do Sasha and Kam end up together?

Seeing Sasha upset over Kam’s departure, Billie tells her that one of them will have to sacrifice first. She further tells her that despite her own divorce, she still believes in marriage, as her marriage failed because Cooper was not the right person for her. 

She adds that if she could, she would be with Brad and that it is still not too late for Sasha and Kam the way it is for Billie and Brad. While reading her own book, Sasha makes up her mind to go with Kam.

She makes her grandmother understand that she is lonely without him and even stands up to Mick. She tells Mick that her new book is going to be about love before going after Kam.

At the airport, she finds out that Kam never boarded the plane because he was also ready to sacrifice for her. The two confess their love for each other and decide to live in New York. Eventually, the couple gets married. 

What happens to Cooper?

When Brad and Billie find Hudson, Cooper decides to do what he had been planning. He goes to Emily’s house and in front of all her guests, tells her that he wants to be with her again. Emily kisses him, and the two give their relationship a second chance.

Sometime later, Cooper is seen to be on friendly terms with Billie and her friends. He tells her that he intends to ask Emily to marry him, but not without adding that he appreciates Billie and is grateful for their time together.

Does Billie end up with Brad?

Billie finally finishes her dissertation. She even attends Trina’s workout classes with her friends. 

At Sasha’s wedding, Brad surprises Billie. He tells her that he is no longer with Gigi, as they both knew that he could never love her the way he loves Billie. Gigi is now dating someone else. 

He confesses that he could never stop being Billie’s. The two then go on to get married. At their wedding, Billie informs Brad that she is pregnant, and they happily proceed with the ceremony. 

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