Sergio: The Life You Wanted character explained

Sergio is Arianna’s father who loves Marina and wants to marry her. Giuseppe Zeno plays the character.

Sergio is a prosecutor who is looking for Marina after she disappeared with the children. He is Arianna’s father but he loves Andrea as his own too.

Marina ignores his calls so he asks Andrea for their location and gets it from him. Sergio shows up and Marina tells him to back off because she doesn’t trust him.

She reminds him that there was a time when he left with Arianna to Milan for a long time, keeping her away from her daughter.

He finds out that Gloria is Andrea’s parent and he gets insecure. Marina refuses to marry him or let him adopt Andrea, and Sergio realizes that Gloria is the reason why.

Marina’s love for her puts Sergio in a difficult position and while he has some resentment toward Gloria, he cares about Andrea first and foremost.

Sergio: The Life You Wanted character explained 1
Sergio loved Andrea even though he wasn’t his biological father

A loving father

Sergio is there to support Andrea as he comes to terms that Gloria is his parent. He has a lot of anger within him and Sergio does his best to talk to Andrea.

Andrea has a passion for running that he got from Sergio, and he asks him to time his runs as he lets off steam.

Sergio slowly begins to understand Gloria more, especially after he rushes to support her with Pietro.

His first and foremost care is for the children and he often tells Marina that he would like to move back to Naples with Andrea and Arianna.

He got the authorities involved after finding out that Pietro hit Andrea before.

When Marina tells him to keep Gloria in Andrea’s life, he doesn’t follow her wish. He lies to Gloria before confessing the truth later on.

He even puts himself in danger to get Gloria and the children to safety. When Marina is murdered, Sergio believes that she committed suicide and is thankful that he was proven wrong.

Sergio is there to save Gloria’s life and is grateful that everything is behind them after Pietro’s death.

He and Gloria fall in love with each other as they raise the children together. It was a romance that built over a stressful experience together.

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