The Sergeant: Garouden: The Way of the Lone Wolf character explained

The Sergeant is an influential woman who organizes KODOKU. Maki Izawa voices the Sergeant in Garouden: The Way of the Lone Wolf.

When Juzo Fujimaki, a wanted criminal, is injured after fighting a bear, the Sergeant, a mafia boss, saves his life. 

She not only arranges for an underground doctor to treat him but also finds a hiding place for him. However, she does not meet him. 

She only communicates with him through her mafia contacts, so Juzo and everyone who has heard about the Sergeant remain unaware that she is a woman.

KODOKU’s organizer

The Sergeant is responsible for organizing an underground martial arts tournament called KODOKU, where participants can even die.

She has connections with important people and celebrities across the globe. She uses these connections to host illegal gambling during KODOKU. 

Her brilliance as a promoter has led to the growth of the KODOKU society, yet little is known about her except for her alias, ‘The Sergeant’.

The Sergeant is a mafia head who disguises herself as a nun to conceal her true identity. She uses her henchmen as puppets to do her dirty work. 

After Juzo defeats a bear with his bare hands, the Sergeant seeks to recruit him for the tournament, but some society members are hesitant.

Ensuring Juzo’s participation

To convince the KODOKU society that Juzo is a strong fighter, the Sergeant tries to get Juzo to fight with Ichiro Shino, the man who has won the Hokushinkan Tournament once. 

The society has been trying to recruit Ichiro Shino. Due to that, the Sergeant’s henchmen keep causing problems for him and his daughter to provoke him. 

Juzo eventually fought and defeated Ichiro Shino, resulting in the society losing interest in Ichiro Shino and shifting their focus entirely on Juzo. 

As per the rules, anyone who defeats Juzo gains direct entry to the tournament, which leads to several fighters trying to fight Juzo, including Joze. 

The Sergeant reveals herself once Juzo wins against Joze. She asks Juzo to compete in KODOKU, promising to use her influence to take him off the wanted list if he wins. 

All he would have to do is enjoy a luxurious life overseas for a few years. Although the offer is tempting, Juzo still refuses to participate in KODOKU. 

Garouden The Way of the Lone Wolf Sergeant
The Sergeant blackmails Juzo

The Sergeant then reveals that when she rescued Juzo, she had her doctor plant 10,000 dormant eelworms in Juzo’s body as leverage. 

These parasites are embedded with nanomachines, and a single signal can lead to Juzo’s death. It is because of these parasites that she was able to track Juzo. 

She leaves Juzo no choice but to participate in the tournament. Only when he reaches the final round does the Sergeant provide him with an antidote to neutralize the parasites. 

The Sergeant remains unconcerned about human lives, only caring about the success of the tournament. 

Once KODOKU ends, she offers to set the stage for Shozan Matsuo’s tournament. He declines her offer but does not fail to notice her interest in his student, Tsutomu Himekawa.

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